Friday, January 8, 2010

Your best time is now

In January 2007, it was a big article in Dagens Nyheter (Sweden's largest daily newspaper) about Second Life. I read the article and remembered my failed attempt to get in Second Life the summer of 2006.

But January 12, 2007 it worked reasonably well. I came in and did the horrible Help Island tec. My ava was born that have gave me so much joy over 3 years!

But the best time is always now, it is said, and I can certainly endorse it!

The second life which I have right now is incredible good! I have a fantastic wife and companion through my second life. Thats what counts the end of the day.

The picture was taken February 5, 2007 and is the first picture that I took in SL. Probably because I thought it was embarrassing not to have a profile picture. I was vain even then:). The picture was taken outside of my fav club, The Lava Pit. Where you could devote your time gambling, dancing and body building(!). A wonderful mix of most things, like Second Life should be!

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