Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Foamparty

Well, then you have scrubbed and cleaned well ..... Dried soap ..... puhhhh ...... It took me around all night. But the important thing is that you have fun and are happy. Then I am happy. Although I am totally worn out now ....

But make sure to pick the champagne bottles and other debris next time. For as Ewa, she who govern and decide you know, it was not this last time.

We'll obviously have more FOAMPARTIES! Look this blog up or join the icehotel inworld group for up coming parties!

And Loo, thanx for the pics!
"Please Loo, take off your high heels, or stop stepping on my bare feet" Ironwolf had major problems during the evening.


Lounge, the old fisherman from Norway was so overjoyed when the cod stench slowly but surely disappeard from his body! You were not alone in being glad Lounge!:)

the evening's hosts, the evening's DJ, the evening's hostess, the evening cleaners, tonight's lifeguards: Jesper and Ewa!

See you all soon!

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