Sunday, February 28, 2010

Re building

This week will be relatively calm, in an outward manner. No Abba shows and only one event at the Icehotel SL: Jean Munro on Sunday.

We are re building one of our sims (Always)

Housewarming Party? Of course!

When? We do not know!


Jesper o Ewa

The world's best Anna!

Every time we finished a show says Ewa and I in unison: Anna is absolutely fantastic. She makes the those extra stuff that never appears: tell the the sim owner that the landing point is wrong for the guests. She was watching the dancing balls working and she takes care of our audience in a unique way and much more.

Then it's like this Anna:

We have some very incriminating pictures of you, from a party, which is safe in a blackmail envelope. And just wait for the public eye if you for example would get an offer from another rock band.

To all other virtual bands: Hands off! Anna is with the BAND!


Ewa & Jesper

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Australian nights!

You half-retarded morons who do not dare live out your Second Life, stop looking at the pictures and stop reading! We have a blast every day of the week! When you sit and feel sorry for yourselves! Hugs to you! Thank you Sasha69! Thanks the rest of you coming! It was hilerious! See you soon!

Greta, Anna, Jesper, Ewa and Erik

The adventure continues: Today at an Australian gay club!

That ABBA Sweden is huge in the gay community can not have escaped anyone who has seen our schedule (Pillars of Hercules, Second Pride, etc.) or mixed up with our audience.

Gays are a great audience! They show appreciation, they have fun, they come with ideas and feedback and seldom whine about things like lag.

Abba Sweden at Aussie Boys

2PM SLT Feb 27

See you there!

Friday, February 26, 2010


A wonderful party! A wonderful audience! A wonderfully full sim! A wonderfully mixed audience! Annabella was commissioned in RL but Mexx (who was female ava today) and the rest of our faithful companions behaved with bravado!

Lizzo, the event manager is top-class! The best I have ever met in Second Life. Dennis, take good care of her!

See you soon in Australia !!!!!!!

When we get rich and famous.....

The first we will do when and if it occurs, is to hire stage ppl:) How many times havent we decorated scenes all over the grid by now?. Its not worthy a bunch of divas like us:)

And tomorrow Saturday we invade Austrailia

More info about tomorrows show soon. See you all att Mango tonite!

ABBA Sweden at Mango Yacht Club! 02:00 PM (23:00 CET)

Today, it is time for Abba Sweden to play at Mango Yacht Club! I do not know how many times we have played here and it has always been fun!! Lizzo Dreamscape is event manager at Fruit Islands and she is a thoroughbred professional!

See you at the Mango Yacht Club at 02:00 PM

Andrea Bocelli tribute show March 10

I have introduced Ewa to lots of things that she had no idea about before she met me. And in the same way, she introduced me to a lot of things. One thing is opera. Before I met Ewa I had seen just one opera (in RL) and then I fell asleep.... Now I've seen a lot and bought lots of CDs.

By chance we met a man who is carrying out a Andrea Bocelli tribute show in Second Life. I do not think he had done the show yet, but in any event, March 10 will AndreaBocelli Elcano do it in our Icetheatre! 02:00 PM

See you then!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To have a home in Second Life.

I believe no one has missed that LL tries to entice people to sign premium account by giving them a tiny home. I think it's a brilliant idea. It is in the "home" you are "forced" to start create and build.

Earlier Ewa and I lived on a platform high above the Lapplandia sim. It was a great place that was into an Irish-style. The house was designed by Baron. There we had it very good! But it was actually a bit stressful. It was often the people down on the ground pulled us down. And we were never really at peace.

For some time now we have our very own island where we live, make love, arguing, create in a pajamas (ewas fav outfit!), relax and much more! And we say to eachother every day: We will never ever leave this home island!

We love it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

...and then we take Berlin

Yesterday Martin701 Anton celebrated his birthday and the birthday party took place at his German club the Vision. ABBA Sweden was booked. We sincerely NOT hope that good old martin701 had expected a quiet, laid-back birthday ....

Because when our horde of fans sweeping through Second Life's nightlife its anything but quiet....:) Yesterday was it was chaotic 30 minutes before the show began! And the sim was already then more than half-full. Its crazy fun really!

We and our audience loves it!

Next party is at the Mango Theatre Friday 26 at 02:00 PM (23:00 CET)

Hi-ho Let´s go!

Greta, Erik, Annabella, Ewa and Jesper

ABBA Sweden at the Vision tonite!

Hi guys!

We got a late request for playing at the Vision! See you there at 01:30 SLT (22:30 CET)

Germany here we go!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A postcard from Sarek Nordic Lights by YuNEO Nagy

Today there was a postcard in Ewas and my mailbox. The sender was none other than the excellent Second Life Photographer and virtual explorer YuNEO Nagy!

It is a great honor for us that one of SL's top photographers, YuNEO Nagy, has been doing a photosession on our Sarek Nordic Lights-sim. We consider it a good rating! Sarek is Ewas "baby". She is fiddling with the sim constantly:) Puss älskling!

You know that you can actually stay at the Sarek Nordic Light sim? We have three wilderness cabins for 1500 L$ a week. And I can assure you that it is a relief for the soul to stay here.

TP to Sarek from here:
More on yuneo Nagy can be found here:

The white room editorial office is temporary closed

....because of the Olympics! Forza Sweden!

The latest issue of Inner World

Inner World is a new, elegant and artistic magazine about our world. Please have a look at it and you should read the interview with Nyna Slate, one of SL´s oldest residents.

Nyna is a very wise person and the interview is very good!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The night of the contrasts!

Yesterday ABBA Sweden made a comeback on the Pillars of Hercules! And it was like a riot! In a positive sense! The audience crashed, the audience stagedived (!), Greta lost her attachements and crashed, the streamed dropped, a couple in love was on the scene and photographed themselves with the band (!!!!!). We loved every minute of it! The head rioter was of course Annabella on the dance floor!

Tired but happy Ewa and Jesper went to The Blue Hall, where it was time for the premiere of the Tea Dance with Shasta Soulstar. And if there were riots on ABBA Sweden it was the exact opposite when at the Tea Dance. And it was probably just what two tired avis needed. Of course, one should not put two different events for each other, but who's perfect? We are not!:)

The cool thing about SL is all the meetings. And an ava who we met in the Tea Dance was Andrea Bocelli.

The ava of course, not the blind opera singer rl:) Andrea Bocelli told us that he and the ava Sarah Brightman doing a Andrea Bocelli tribute show. They showed us a part of it and we fell instantly!

On 10 March it is time for the Andrea Bocelli tribute show at Icetheatre SL!

See you at the Icehotel SL!

Jan Lindblad

When I was young I loved watching nature programs, and especially those that were made by Jan Lindblad. (Who has time to watch TV today?) He was a Swedish nature filmmaker, whistle artist, bird imitator, and juggler. (Thanks Wikipedia!) Best known fo his his nature films ofcourse. I think that he would like our Sarek sim! And especially the falcon that hovers in the mountains and looking for mice.
Come and check the Nordic Wilderness out here!

Sunday: ABBA Sweden (12 Noon) and Tea Dance with Shasta Soulstar (2PM)

It's a great Sunday morning here! Lots of snow and sunshine! It has been very quiet about the greenhouse effect in the Swedish media during this winter. ;)

Today this will happend at the Icehotel and ABBA Sweden: ABBA Sweden returns to the lovely sim Pillars of Hercules. It is a fantastic place well worth a visit with a wonderful open-minded atmosphere. Like SL should be! Good job Scottie and Caleb!

At noon (21.00 CET) starts the show at the amphitheater!

At 2 PM (23.00), we have put on our best clothes cos then, it is time for the grand opening of TEA-DANCE in the Blue Hall. Shasta Soul Star will entertain us!

Kisses and Hugs

Jesper and Ewa

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What happens after an ABBA SWEDEN show?

Do we sniff cocaine?
Do we screw groupies?
Do we throw out television sets from hotel rooms?

naaa, we just jumping our bed of course!

SL is about doing what you didnt in RL, sometimes anyway!

What a nostalgia trip!

Ok the sim was full!

Not much worked because of the lag!


What will happen this weekend?

It is not easy to plan in SL.... and I am a structural fascist ... puhhhh. Pls feel a bit sorry for me!

Yesterday, it we got two additional ABBA Sweden shows:

Saturday at 02:00 (23:00 CET) pm at Aloha. This true classic SL club! And that also is managed by a Swedish girl! I love when people dare and actually do something in SL!

On Sunday at 21.00 returning ABBA Sweden to Pillars of Hercules. It is part of the people behind Second Pride with the club. Thank you for wanting us back!

On Sunday at 2 PM (23.00 CET), it is time for relaxation exercises in the blue hallway. Then it's time for TEA-DANCE by Shasta Soulstar. Put on the tailsuit and the prom dress and pop by!!

See you!

Congrads Mexx!

Yesterday was Mexx Merlin rezzdag! His best friends had organized a surprise party. Anna I know I happend to tell him Sorrrrrrrryyyyyyy:)

Anyway we had lots of fun! And people were in great party mood!

Congratulations again Mexx!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We have the world's best audience!

Yesterday it was time for Sweden's ABBA to make debut in The Blue Hall. The hall was crammed up tll the afterparty ended at 5 pm! You are incredible! And you are giving us such joy!

It is wonderful to see so many avis from all over the world at the same time!

After the gig a Swedish girl contacted me regarding a gig on Saturday. She told me she was working for club that was about to re-open. Ewa and I said: Go for it! And she said she would check it out wiht the owners.

This morning I was more than surprised when i got a notecard from this lady. The club that is about to re-open is the classic SL club Alohas!! That club was my livning room during 2007! I was there every week dancing to house tunes from the lovely dj couple Jet and Bart.

Hopefully see you on Saturday at Alohas!

Dont miss ABBA Sweden today at 02:00 PM SLT

Hi all!

On Thursday, it's time for ABBA Sweden in the Blue Hall! 02:00 PM SLT



Yesterday evening something very strange happend. We got back items sent back from one of our sims even though there were 289 prims vacant.

[13:57] Second Life: Your 4 objects have been returned to your inventory lost and found folder near parcel 'Sarek Nordic Light, Icehotel SL' at Sarek Nordic Light 9, 94 because the parcel is full.
[13:57] Second Life: Your 5 objects have been returned to your inventory lost and found folder near parcel 'Sarek Nordic Light, Icehotel SL' at Sarek Nordic Light 106, 117 because the parcel is full.
[13:57] Second Life: Your object '*aG* NarrowTree Large Leafless' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder from parcel 'Sarek Nordic Light, Icehotel SL' at Sarek Nordic Light 139, 85 because the parcel is full.
[13:57] Second Life: Your 3 objects have been returned to your inventory lost and found folder near parcel 'Sarek Nordic Light, Icehotel SL' at Sarek Nordic Light 10, 167 because the parcel is full

Is there anyone who has experienced something similar? If so, leave a comment or IM me of Ewa in-world.

Ok, there is betaversion of the new viewer out, so hopefully things will be better pretty soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your schedule!

Hello young people!

Here comes the spring schedule!

See you!

18 Feb Abba Sweden The city hall of Stockholm 02:00 PM SLT

21 Feb Tea- Dance med Shasta Soulstar The city hall of Stockholm 02:00 PM SLT

26 Feb ABBA Sweden Fruit Islands 02:00 PM SLT

7 Mar Tea dance med Jean Munro The city hall of Stockholm 02:00 PM SLT

11 Mar Abba Sweden The city hall of Stockholm 02:00 PM SLT

14 Mar Tea- Dance med Shasta Soulstar The city hall of Stockholm 02:00 PM SLT

15 Mar ABBA Sweden Fruit Islands 02:00 PM SLT

20 Mar Vernal Equinox: All warriors to Valhall. Vikingablot 02:00 PM SLT

21 Mar Tea dance med Jean Munro The city hall of Stockholm 02:00 PM SLT

25 Mar Abba Sweden The city hall of Stockholm 02:00 PM SLT