Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our new ruler is born!

Our new commander, our new lady and our new savior is here! Elfe Imako!

Superior winners of Icequeen 2010! She was both the jury´s and the voters choice! Better add that:)

Wear the crown with pride and rule with a steady hand dear Elfe!


your humble subjects

Jesper and Ewa

Karola Silversmith was good no 2 and Vrill Tone was on 3rd place!

It has been very fun to doing this contest and the story behind it its very long one. And its defentivly a part of our history back in the summer of -08. The crown she will be wearing 24/7 is made by Sandhya2 Patel and the dress i made by hmmmm...a friend of Ewas:)

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