Monday, January 18, 2010

The bed relay

Someone (Alessia Kranfel or PetGirl Bergman) started this blog relay with the question: How do you sleep in Second Life?

It's actually an interesting question on which the majority appears to draw on their pyjmas, correct the pillow, snuggle themselves in the blanket, or with their partner and then meet the Sandman in a bed. Night after night, even as an avatar.

And we are no different, at least in in the way we sleep:) We always go to sleep in our bed. (I sleep naked, Ewa in pajamas Ewa, Ewa freeze if she does not get the downquilt over her haha).

Our bedroom bed is our wedding bed and has hung around for a while now:) Fortunately, I subscribe to updates as I get a new bi-monthly. With the new animations and other stuff. Otherwise the elastic bottom would have been a total mess right now. As you know you can do a lot more in bed than just sleep ...:) Had this been the RL the paramedics, police and psychotherapists have been constantly on the move outside the family Aska / Prinz house:)

Beds are otherwise my big fetish. I have hundreds of beds and I love them all!

It all started probably in my early days when I built and sold animated beds and since then I've been hooked!

In fact I built and animated the first beds to Icehotel SL but that was before our purveyor (Prime Furniture) took over. (Ty Reven and Win)

And will you buy an "ordinary" sexbed I strongly recommend Prime Furniture. The animations are worldclass and above all full of humour. Or how about to stretch at the end of the loveact?:)

Lots of love

Jesper & Ewa


Tina Dahl said...

Det var jag *rodnar* - men Alessia kom på det med stafetten!

Så båda är skyldiga:-D

Du Herr Prinz nu har du själv redan givit dig ett uppslag för en serie av inlägg på denna bloggen...

Presentera dina 500 sängar en och en - det tar ett tag men då blir det även vad man kan kalla en serie!

En ”långkörare” - en som rent av hamnar i Guiness Rekordbok!

Och glöm inte alla FAKTA och kvalitetsgrupperingar - antal animeringar och kvalitén på dem, fasthet, hårdhet och upplevelse av en natts sömn samt om de håller för ”jump in the bed” - en animering ni kan få från MIG!

Lycka till - /Tina -

PS. Jag tog just upp min runda säng - utan en enda sexanimering - och satte den i mitt nya sovrum!

En säng troligtvis godkänd av påven!

Jesper Prinz said...

500? Det räcker inte! Jag har betydligt fler än så!

tack för erbjudandet, men primes sängar som verkligen är kul, har en en räcka med jump in bed:)

Vem behöver en studsmatta?

Alessia Kranfel said...

Japp nu är ni med i "stafetten" :P