Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pictuters from yesterdays Twelfth Day Ball

Now we have cleaned, aired, emptied ash trays and got drunk of your heeltaps... damn how many cigarette ends havent we swallowed???? Please use the ash trays next time ok...Please!

So I guess it is time to sum up yesterday's ball:

We had great fun! We hope you had as much fun we had!

Thank you for coming and see you again soon!


Jesper & Ewa

PS As soon as my sweet little wife wakes up from her beauty sleep / hibernation, I will post pictures. Ewa is the family photographer:) 99% of all images published on this page is hers.


Loan said...

From Scandinavia, a big thank you, it was a greát evening!! Hugs!/Loo &Lou

Anonymous said...

Vill tacka oxå.. Gud vilket jobb ni gjort, vad vackert det var. Tyvärr kunde jag inte stanna länge. men njöt av att se alla vackra avatarer och vänner. stämningen kändes ända in i hjärtat. Fantastiska fester ni skapar, extraordinära och bara helt underbara. kram från Annabella

Bock McMillan said...

All the avatars looked amazing, the hotel looked amazing and I had a great time!

Thanks again, Ewa & Jesper!!!