Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a blast!

What a night!

First ABBA Sweden played at Second Norway, one of SL's most professional communities. Mialinn and Co had built up a fantastic fun hippie / surf environment that suited glitter and glamorous ABBA perfect in a marvelous manner!

A BIG gold star to Mialinn who apparently read our booking contract carefully. She has responded to our "demands" at max 55 avis! We thank you with all our common ABBA heart!

And I'm sure the people who came in doing the same! You are a pro Mialinn! We could easily have been 300-400 people there yesterday.

There are only amateurs and bunglers that smash sims, as my old mentor always tell me!

After a very successful show we went back to the Ichehotel ballroom where we had the nice afterparty with friends.

Tonight will our old time friend Elver Lerner sing at the Icehotel SL. She kicks her show off tt 02:00!

See you then!


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