Friday, November 28, 2008

An issue for SL health authority?

I dont know what the SL working environment law says but sanitary goods are not existing on this working place...

Cu Mara -a snowy heaven

This sim is something! But dont forget to put on your long johns! Even avas can get cystitis!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Its pretty expensive to marry in SL they say, so yesterday Ewa arranged a giant yardsale, and sold everything we owned except some clothes and other essential parts plus this tent.

A little bit too much in advance if you ask me. She could have waited to get rid of everything a bit but...

Jan 24th she will drag me to the altar!


Hun, check out the length of trousers:)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

At our home sim

Well having a blog serve many purposes, one is "the photoalbum for internal use-one". Ewa and I are gonna move to a full-sim within a month so this post will be for nostalgic look backs:)

We moved to this little cute 1/4-sim (City of Santiago) and built it in a Japanese/Asian style

A bridge leading to a rocky stairway leading to a place of worship. Honestly, we have not use it on daily basis:)

The fitness center; here we use to fight with samurai swords. Good for you soul:)

On this rock we became engaged November 2. Attested by friends and our lazy leopard:))

And finally the mandatory beach!


Lovika gloves!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is my husband a pervert? and other essential questions...

Randi Barracuda, you know her from the Avastar section "Dear Randi", has started up asite where you can ask everything about virtual sex, relationship and and all you other need:)


Monday, November 24, 2008

There is a time for everything…

In September 2007 Butterfly Laa and I started up the White Room. We bought one 2048 plot at Akh and filled it up mainly with pictures from our journeys and the work with the book that we was working on. This was before “modernities” as Windlight. Do you remember? hehe

Anyhow, we expanded soon with more land and other art directions and had a lot of attention for it. The White Room had 100´s of visitors on weekly basis. And it was really fun with all feedback many gave. We had good press and we were participating in a TV Show e g in dec 2007. (Normally I am not nervous, but being interviewed in voice at 4.30 AM in the morning was something)

We were throwing artshows, music events (I will never forget when I fall down the roof, naked, when Natalie Moody was performing) and pretty big returning photocontest.

We started up an art colony and other projects and it was a really good time.

But there is a time for everything and if you wanna see the White Room a last time you better hurry. Cos in 1-2 weeks it won’t exist anymore.

You will never know what happens in the future, but if the White Room gallery will resurrect it won’t be within my management. This blog will of course stay tuned.

Thank you very much and a special warm thank you to all that have helped us in an extraordinary way: Amber Prinz, Cheen Pitney, Autopilotpatty Poppy, PetGirl Bergman, Apmel Gooson, Fafner Hoffman, sandhya2 Patel, Coyne at Avastar, Satorin Vacono, Lukas Mensing, Syl Darcy.

Lots of party posts on this blog..!

Well there have been a lot of parties this weekend but 99% of the time Ewa and I have spent on our latest project!

Saturday Night: Fantasy party at Annabellas. Lots of interesting creations I can tell! Check Annabella Lundquist out or join Petgirl Bergmans group for invites. Fia, the DJ, and Annabella really know how to throw parties! Thank you both!

Well there have been a lot of parties this weekend but 99% of the time Ewa and I have spent on our latest project!

Sunday Night: This must be to laggiest night ever in SL. IMs didn’t work properly…!! Mess were bouncing back telling me Ewa was offline, but she was very much online! And in the other way, her IMs to me bounced back. What happened with the big move to Open Spaces!?

Anyway, good old Apmel Gooson was celebrating his RL birthday at his café´. A lovely party! Thank you very much Apmel! For more pics chech Apmels blog out here.

After a couple of crashes we went to Ninna Dazys surprise rezzday beach party for her hubbie Blaupunkt. He was totally surprised and he was on top of it a couple of hours late:)

Ninna and Blau are my ex neighbours at Imh and it was really good to see you again! Late we went home without having any sand between our toes!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Depeche Mode in Second Life

Hooo!!! Its too little jodphurs, kohl, drummaschines, tight trouser suit, red shirts and black ties in SL!!

IN THE PEEPHOLE 22 nov 2008

Today we have implanted one billion mosquitos. Authenticity is important!

Junivers Stockholm´s Rezzparty

Junivers, thanks for a great rezz-party and the jam! Ewa and I, and everyone else too I´m sure, had a great time!

See you soon!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What makes a virtual world tick?

I have been very loyal to SL since I joined two years ago. I really like it since day one, lots of strong bonds, lovely experiences and much more in this world that we have created. On top of this I don’t have time to join other worlds. Scary thought having a third of forth bonus life!

Anyhow, I follow of course what happens in other virtual worlds pretty careful. Not long ago (this summer) Google started up Google Lively. (Thanks Tina for the post) and I was to say the least astonished reading their “TOS”:

“We don’t allow nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. This includes making sexual advances toward other users

When I read this fantastic phrase I was close to leave SL and said to my self:” Jesper Prinz, get a Lively account, now!”

Finally someone (Google) took the fight against the load of filth, pixel nipples, newbie bananas, bad language and much worse things (I have heard avatars are committing sexual intercourse in SL, but it cant be true) thats going on 24/7 in Second Life. I was so happy that day!

But for some reason I forgot to join and now it’s too late…*sobs*

Today Google announced that they will kill Lively teh Dec 31st 2008….

I hope IBM picks up the dropped relay baton in Open Spaces.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IN THE PEEPHOLE 19 nov 2008

A builder shack equipped with Tinas coffe break table....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008


It was a busy but funny Saturday nite. Concert at Lio´s, Concert at Nomas AND the Show Must Go On!!!

Look their coming events up, join Ospreys groups, do whatever but don´t miss it!

Osprey, HBA and the rest of the crew: Thank you!!!

More info on here: http://www.atomic-raygun.com

Osprey on Skates!

Ewa and I are looking bored but what a laugh we had!

3 rezzday ladies, 2 years in SL and 1 hell of a party!

What a blast! I like surprises alot but calling the LL support to get the sim up and running was ...a new experience.

Thanks everyone for coming and sharing this tripple rezzday with Ewa, Charlotte and Safir:)



More blogposts from the party:

Ewa and I are summing up the party when all guests have gone. What a blast honey!!

Kil, Lukas Mensing, Cheen Pitney and Izi are discussing the downsizing of the SL welfare system.

Janne and Blanche. Cool shoot Blanche!

Nyna Slate, Dragon Moon, is swinging her shoot!

Nurse Niya and Dr Vo. Guys see you soon! Ewa and I cant wait:)

Ewa Aska -rezzday child and aerobics instructor!

Apmel, Kil, Izi and a pickled brain!

Me, Izi, Charlotte, Ewa and an unknown hairy guy are dancing. Kils huuuggge multi pills (Prozac/Viagra/Valium) were perfect for dessert. Live fast, die young!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What happend??!

Yesterday night I ended up on on junkie cow with funny hat...I love SL!

Jo and Lio threw a housewarming party for their new renters and it was funny and bit absurd as always!!!!

Dont miss their concert tonite at 1 pm. For more info och Lionesse´s blog here!

Friday, November 14, 2008

3 Grand ”old” ladies, 2 year Rezzday, 1 Great Party

On Sunday Ewa, Charlotte and Safir will have a rezzparty at our home sim (City of Santiago).

The theme is Doctors and Nurses and we will throw the party at the newly built Memorial Hospital. The build is fully adapted for the disabled and old avatars.

But local SL health authority have observed and reported tons of rats, nukewaste and non existing waste disposal in general. (As soon as Ewa and I are building something together it ends up filthier than the city dump. Why? Haha)

However get your outfit on and come and party with us!

Jesper “Dr Oops” Prinz

11 am SLT
Sunday 16th

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sasun Steinbeck's Morphing Sculpture

Two days ago I was visiting a Sasun "The SL art godess" Steinbecks event. Havnt you seen here lovely installation yet, click her profile and check picks! Its trippy!


This is how Sasun describes her form of art:

"This piece was born of my desire to create something beautiful that can only exist in SecondLife, something never before seen that exploits the power of the 3D environment. I wanted something very beautiful to look at, as well as fun for owners to play with. SecondLife gives us all amazing control over the shapes of the prims that we work with - but I wanted to make something that would create beautiful, complex, and unexpected shapes completely on it's own, as if it were a living thing, morphing into completely different shapes with every touch.

Another goal was to make it simply fun to use, and customize, by its owner. In this way it becomes more of a joint creation between the sculpture itself (in what shapes it happens to choose for itself at the time), the artist, and the owner. You can choose between various metallic textures as well as use a built-in texture picker and experiment with your own textures, add your own particle effects, resize it as large or small as you wish, change the texture rotation angles, as well as have the whole piece rotate at user-selectable speeds. In addition it has a way of placing your view point directly *inside* the piece giving you a fascinating and hypnotic full-screen view of the symmetry and beauty of the current shape of the sculpture from the inside out.

I also felt strongly that this sculpture needed an aural dimension to complete the feeling of peace, contemplation, and wonder that I wanted the piece to evoke, so the user has the ability to pick various looped ambient sounds that help evoke a stronger mood. Soothing and meditative, the music multiplies the visual enjoyment of the piece... observers are often unaware of how strongly they may subconsciously be reacting to the music the piece emanates, but I know that it evokes feelings that would not be there from visuals alone.

My ultimate hope is that I may inspire others to think about what this new 3D medium *is* in terms of art and what types of things are possible with the 3D engine as a powerful tool to realize very complex visions of light, sound, movement, space, and intelligent objects; all of these elements interacting with each other in a programmable and powerful way. I believe that creating 3D art in SL requires a whole new way of thinking; a new door has been opened and the possibilities have yet to be explored in terms of the things that creative minds can make that evoke powerful feelings in the people that observe them".

-Sasun Steinbeck

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grand opening at Annabella´s!

Yesterday Annabella Lundquist kicked off her new party venue. The party was very well-visited and I am sure it will be so forth! Fia, the DJ, is also truly awesome!

Good luck guys! And hope to see you on Sunday!

Me and and an upperclass punk were dancing

Annabella and PetGirl (Tina) Bergman. Tina was shining like a star that things have started to move again in the Swedish SL community! So do we Tina!

I am very loyal

Since SL finally have stopped (temporarily?) panicing about future sim price-rates and coming standards the next wave of panic have hitted us; the age neurotic one! Due to all rezzdays going on I guess

And as a loyal guy I have started my age crises a couple of months in advance!

Punks not dead!

Till Ewa på hennes rezzdag

Ewa, du är vacker, ingen skapelse på jorden är lika vacker som du.

Ingen skapelse på jorden är lika skön som du. Du bär frukten till livet.

Ewa du är kvinnan,med ett stort hjärta. Tänker alltid på andra.
Aldrig självisk.

Du sätter andras behov före din egna. Men du är inte dum. Ewa du är smartast på jorden.

Tack Ewa, vilken underbar tid vi har haft och har framför oss!

PS Sunday at 20.00 CET will Ewa, Charlotte and Safir throw their rezzparty. The party will be at our home sim (Santiago) and theme is Doctors and Nurses. Someone have to take care of these 3 relics right? hehe

Monday, November 10, 2008

Two sprained builders are building!

The resurrection of The Block

When I came online today I was hitted by a "Jesper, they have re-opened my fav sim, The Block again. Please come or you wont see me today. I am gonna shop til I drop"

Ofcourse I went there right away. The name sounded very familiar, and soon I realized it was here I bought my first hair in early 2007. What a deja vu! Haha!

The Block is a really good shopping venue. Lots of small designer shops in a urban environment. Love it, but the best thing is that you can find proper men and women clothes here. And thats somgething pretty unique! Suits me perfect when I am not too keen on those giant and laggy multisex stores!

Take a trip to The Block from here!