Friday, January 1, 2010

The yearly review of Icehotel SL

The speaker of the year:
Undeniably Apmel who gave a politically inflammatory speech in the middle of our wedding ceremony. It took us about a year until we started laughing at the misery;)

This year's wedding

We got a youtube video from an Italian couple and a short message: "Here we want to get married. Can you fix it?"

Of course, we managed a wedding like that. And it was the beginning of a wonderful chaos that we will never forget

This year's jealous drama

Undeniably, when Ewa became jealous of her alt in the middle of an adult playing with the words: You do not love ME anymore:))) I will always love you babe:))) Puss!

This year's fiasco: Without a doubt, the ballet dancer who we booked unseen and that which we happily repressed the name of.

Artist of the Year
: This is a hard one. We have had many great artists of the year, but the question is whether Nance Brody was the best? Artists who play their own works in Second Life and also makes it damn well should be praised.

This year's guest: rultan who probably knows our swim better than we ourselves

This year's Mother: Nyna Slate who always keeps a close but loving eye on us


Jesper & Ewa


Apmel said...

Misery is sometimes best laughed at.. I know Apmel is!

Jesper Prinz said...

I agree! And we count on you the 23rd;)