Friday, October 31, 2008

It will be a tough weekend....

Party no 1: NPRIL! Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best in show was ofcourse Osprey Therian in her plywood tux!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It´s not too late!


lots of chat from my side of what will happend AFTER the contest. I have to remind you and myself that the contest "The Four Elements" ends Friday. So please leave an entry and join the contest.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Breaking news: Razzia at Sleep & Fuck Motel!!!!

Reports are flooding in telling us the Vice Squad of Akh the IRS did a so called daybreak-raid at the Motel this morning. Rumours says Charlotte, the owner, have fled to Finland. Ewa has joined a Mormon community. Niya won Miss SL 2008. Kiana the 4th memeber, will lead the ending party leader's debate the US.

But poor Jesper, the pimp, is jailed.

Well we promise to keep you updated!

The vanilla option (Hehe)

OK, our theme (Pimps & Ho´s) doesnt fit all. I am aware of that:) So if you are not a bad girl or boy here you have an option for Saturday nite. PetGirl (Tina) Bergman, the minister at my wedding (!) is one of the organizers of the Halloween party at Second Sweden. And I am sure it will be a great party!

The choice is yours! Hehe


Välkomna till en - stort Hallowen - fest NU på Lördag kväll när mörkret infunnit sig och fladdermössen vaknat... 1/11 kl 20.00 på stora nybyggda dansbanan i Second Sweden.

Det blir - ett riktigt mysigt? Halloween - Skrämmande - spöklikt Goth Halloween. Medett bygge är skapat för en hel festkväll på Second Sweden. Dansa bland gravstenar och spöken och en och annan "human" ja de som vågar sig dit! - till musik av:

Live Dj. Fia Wycliffe och Frosty Muggins

Under kvällen blir det även tävling för bästa outfit .. med finfina priser: 1:a pris 3000 , 2:a 1500 och 3:e pris 500 - det ni! Tävlingen är sponsradav nya aktive ägaren med Ui (Beam i spetsen): Sweden Island. Vilket vi tackar för!

Jury består av: Lensi Hax , Tindra Sands och Tina (PetGirl) Bergman. Juryns beslut kan inte överklagas.

Varmt Välkomna säger : Lensi Hax och Tindra Sands - med hjälp av Sverige i Second Life "fixaren" Tina (PetGirl ) Bergman. Värdinnor under kvällen och initiativtagare: Lensi och Tindra.

Varmt välkommen till ett spännande Halloween på Second Sweden.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What to do on a Saturday nite?

What to do on a Saturday nite?

Longing for party with some loose avatars? Good!
Wanna be a loose avatar for just one night? Lovely!
Do you enjoy amateur striptease? Perfect?
Wanna dance to some groovy house-mixes? Yeah!!
Do you like to have fun? YAY!

Get your pimp or ho outfit on, move your pixel butt to the White Room and party with us!

Time: Saturday November 1st, Noon SLT (20.00 CET)
See you there!

Jesper + The Jury!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday Nite at The Ring!! YAY!!

Ohh I know you have heard it before but The Ring is so damned good. Yesterday nite I tried the 2xEsc-push and what an experience! Every Friday and Sunday friends! Dont miss it!!!

Thanks again guys!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The White Room proudly presents Jury member no 3: Charlotte Rhino

Yesterday I had an appointment with Charlotte Rhino, owner of the Sleep & Fuck Motel at Akh. Charlotte called me a couple of weeks ago and wanted to host our party (Nov 1, Noon SLT, 9 PM CET).

The interview is held in her not so fancy office in the Motel basement. It smells terrible….The rats are big as cats and there are dirty mattresses all over the floor.....

Me: Hi Charlotte! Good to see you. How come you contacted me and wanted to host our Photocontest Award Party? Is it really in line with your brothel…sorry motel business?

Charlotte: Well, I had a meeting with my branding agency, Scam & Tricks Inc. Lovely guys!!! They are helping me with the branding strategy of Sleep & Fuck Motel. They told me that I have to strengthen the brand awareness. Climb in the value-chain as they call it. I didn’t listen much really…. They are so pretty and charming!!! And marketing is not my arena but they told me they know what they are doing:)))

Me: Ok…Charlotte... I hope you know what you are doing...Tell me, what other events do you use to run at Sleep & Fuck?
Charlotte: Well, the beer-swillings on Wednesdays are very popular! I don’t remember much from the last one! I woke up just wearing my dirty tube-socks in small flat with a divorced Finn!!! HaHA!!! On top of everything we have the “Ho of the Month” when we are selecting the most popular ho.

Me: I see, so you are doing a client survey?
Charlotte: No no no, the clients don’t care. We debug the girls; count the bugs and the one with most flat bugs get a nice challenge prize. Isn´t that something??? HAHA

Me: Oh my God Charlotte…. This is just getting worse...I don’t feel very well. I need to go….Bye!

Dont miss the prizecermony and the Pimp & Ho-themed party!!!
Date: Nov 1st
Time: Noon SLT
At The White Room Gallery

See you there!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old news

The Ring has been on everyones lips the last month and I have missed the shows (Every Friday and Sunday) constantly. But Sunday night I was there and I was stunned, I just loved every minitue of if it . Whithout hesitation the best and most meaningul event I have ever visited in SL. Thank you Junivers, Blanche and everyone else involved!!!

What is the Ring? Here is the official text. But this is something you really need to go see!!

Come as an avatar - leave as a human being. Dare you become Homo Sapiens V2.0?

The Rings is virtual reality's first protest rock opera. It has grown over months from new forms of international artistic collaboration. The new show is created by the CARP/Diabolus team of international artists as a follow up to the successful The Wall. Music has been specially written and composed for the show. There are spectacular images and effects and a team of live performers.

The Rings celebrates the miracle of the Metaverse. It asks - is this where humanity can at last unite? Can we overcome the force that pushes us towards global destruction and blames victims for the pain they feel? It reminds us that we can be guided towards optimistic action by great humanists and philosophers.

The Premiere is Saturday 6 September - 1 pm SLT (10pm CETS, 9pm BST). - 2nd show at 2.30pm.

There will be regular performances on Fridays and Sundays at 2pm SLT. After some performances there will be Rings discussion circles, involving campaign organisations active in Second Life.

A new camera system has been developed to focus audience views in special scenes on closeups of the action.

THE RINGS at NMC Labs, AUDIENCE (145, 110, 663)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The White Room proudly presents Jury member no 2: Niya Nishi

Today I went to see Niya Nishi. She is one of the jury members in the October Photocontest. I went to the notorious club Bad Kittens where she is working as dancer and right-hand lady. I was curious how this dancer has prepared herself for the coming task.

Here is the conversation:

Me: Hi Niya. Good to see you again. Tell me Niya, how have you prepared yourself for this honorary task?
Niya: I work as a dancer but dreaming of beeing a journalist
Me: Well Niya, sounds great but how have you ou prepared yourself for this honorary task?
Niya: I am a passionate person with a big love for animals, especially cats.
Me: Niya? Are you ok?
Niya: I have lived in many interested places and learnt several languages
Me: Niya!!!! Please.....
Niya: I am positive, caring and versatile person with lots of humour and love for life.
Me: Niya, can you please stop this and answer my question????
Niya: I wanna contribute to Second Life by raising funds for homeless, disabled people and others who suffers.
Me: Ohhh my god Niya, i think you have misunderstood me.....
Niya: I am a young woman with big dreams and high expections.
Me: Niya, you are a member in a artcontest jury not a silly Miss Second Life 2008-contest.....!!!!Listen to me now honey!
Niya: I want to be the missing link between real companies and Second Life!
Me: Niya, I think I will make you very disapointed, but its NOT a beauty contest contest....
Niya: I want to thank Jesper Prinz and Butterfly Laa for organizing this contest. And the awesome Jury, I wont disappoint you!!! I want also to thank my family, Vo and Sachi, without you guys I am nothing. Love you!!!!
Me: Oh my God Niya.........

Butterfly, if you read this....Things have derailed here...big time......

Dont miss the prizecermony and the Pimp & Ho-themed party!!!
Date: Nov 1st
Time: Noon SLT
At The White Room Gallery

See you there!

Birthday party in Egypt!

Yesterday, Nyna Slate (Dragon Moon, U2 in SL) had her birthdayparty at Dragon Moon. The theme was Egypt and as usual Nyna and her friends had done a such a good job with the decoration! You really got the feeling of beeing in Egypt 3000 years ago.

To get inline with the concept, I tried to enslave Charlotte Rhino och Ewa Aska, and off we went to a party with lots of fun!

Congrads again Nyna!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The White Room proudly presents Jury member no 1: Ewa Aska

Well normally the jury is secret, just because we don’t want any competitor trying to bribe them or in another way influence them.

But this time we do an exception when the jury is picked very far away from the SL art scene…

So let me introduce jury member no 1: Ewa Aska. She was born in the brothel “The Cathouse” in the city of Tombstone. "I was born here and I will die here" says Ewa. Her mother, the famous brothel-keeper, Juicy Smith, ran the Cathouse with an iron-fist. But now she has retired. "She became extremly bow-legged and it was tough for me to carry her around when she was about to see the clients" Soapy explains.

Ewa has just recently taken over the business and also developed the concept with dancers and a bar full of moon shined whiskey. "Not just humping…. “O´l mama is my now my purveyor of booze and we have had some problems with blindness and intoxication. But its very cheap” says Ewa. "Cost-control is important in any buisness" she says.

“I love art; I have always wanted to go to an museum but been so extremely busy the last 25 years but soon…” Ewa explain.

Well, come and meet Ewa and the rest of the jury the first of November!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I maybe off SL for a bit but I am always in the shadows ..........hooooooooooooo!!!!

LOL!!!! Havent had time lately to write here on the blog but I do see my sweet

husband is very busy with it!!!! Wait till I come home !!!! Smiles!! Wishing all

well and heres a big hug...!

Jesse .... you hold the fort down very well honey!!!!!!! Puss, Love you!!!!!

Always, forever .... Butterfly

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Will the real Pimps and Ho´s stand up!

Yes, this is not another eye-catching headline...

The first of November we will have the last prize-giving for the White Room Photo Contest-event. The next one will be in the beginning of January 2009, when the big final (10.000 K in purse) is done.

We will start the prize-cermony at Noon SLT at the gallery. Right after we kick off the party. In Sweden the first of November is the All Saints Night, but I am not a saint, and they are very rare among my friends I can tell the theme is ofcourse: Pimp´s & Ho´s

The jury have promised me to dress up(or down, either way you see it...) and I hope you will do same join us!

This is not just the night when the dense fog of immorality and decadence will cover all the White Room gallery...I will also DJ for the first and last time in SL.

See you there!

Date: Nov 1st
Time: Noon SLT
Theme/dresscode: Pimps & Ho´s
At The White Room Gallery

Jesper & The Jury

Japan Tempura Island

I wish the rl fall would be like the fall is on Tempura Island....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweet Sixteen


We have already got 16 entries in the contest. Its a very good start and we are just halfways. We plan to have the prize cermony + party the first of Nov, so mark that date up wheather your in the contest or not.

You can leave your entries until the 31st of October so you have alot of time to snap that SL pic.

Come and check the the entries out! And when you are there, take a stroll, check our art out and buy some for yourself:)

See you!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

October festival

Thanks for the dance Tina!

Streamlife! by Life Charron

One really good thing with having those photocontsts is that you meet alot of new people. A couple of days ago, Life Charron left an entry, and we had a little chat. It turned out she has gallery (I love gallerys, I cant get enough) and she also has a blog. A very good one, check the links!

This is how Life is describing her arts:

Streamlife! by Life Charron
Black & White SL Photos!

I love to catch each day black & white moments in this wonderful World.
My Subjects? The Soul,the Inner side,the Breathe of Architecture, Buildings,some Landscapes...or simply details and little pieces of life

My technique? only passion .
My B&W? a special translation of.

Life Charron

Visit my Gallery,enjoy!

Hmm, what happend? Where was I?

Well I got a TP from Blanche Argus yesterday to a fantastic place! Thanks! Right after I had arrived I had to do something in rl for a while ando when I returned the place was empty. I left and stupid forgot to LM the the place.

Blanche, If you read this please tell me where I was. It was totally awesome!! I have to get back there!:)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gnossienne Groggy Deep by Juria Yoshikawa

Today I got an invite "Gnossienne Groggy Deep" by Juria Yoshikawa. Lance Shields, the person behind the ava has been away from SL for some months, starting a MBA. (Thank heaven my graduation is cleared) But now Juria is back (for a bit?) and what a comeback! Its a very touchy installation! Follow this slurl and experience it yourself:)

Ewa Aska joined me on this trip! I think she enjoyed it as much as i did!

Here is Jurias notecard:

In the mind, there is a place just out of reach between knowing and feeling. When we first wake, we have glimpses of it: colors, fears, textures, childhood smells, organic sensations, birth and death. A mix of illogical but powerful things that defines us, if in very subtle ways.

Gnossienne No.1, a piano piece by Erik Satie partially inspired me to do an environment that combines feelings and elements of a mind in semiwakefuless. I took the liberty to remix Satie's song - stretching, reversing, speeding up - attempting to cast a new sense of time and mood. I also made a very simple outfit to be worn in the space to accentuate one's avatar's position in the space and the light.

Time of day
I find the color of the space works best in evening (10:00pm) or early morning (3:30am). But feel free to play with your Environment Editor to find the light setting that suits you best.

Musical credits

I'd like to thank the Diabolus Art Space for allowing me to use their space and supporting me as always. Specifically, many thanks to founders Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It is that time of year again! Halloween... The obscure thing that is all over SL (Not so much in RL Sweden, thank heaven!) No matter what you think about celebrating holidays in SL that you dont do in RL; you cant escape the Halloween season in SL. Dont fight it, live with it.

Octoberville has opened its sim again to us, (Octoberville has been in SL since 2005) Thank you so much Master Kaos.

You start the adventure by picking up the notebook! It will keep you busy:)Enjoy!

Ohh I forgot...

A firm fence at the patio...Who wants, whith a slighy headache, wipe up the the bloody pieces of crushed "winos" or lag drunked avas? Not me anyway!

A little break

Yesterday I went to Dublin in SL. (Lovely place, if you havent been there, its a must see). Jean Munro played at at the one of the pubs there, and as usual it was awesome!

Laidback smooth jazz is good for you!! Search Jean Munro up and join her group, she do 1-2 gigs per day!

Kick off

If Butterfly is back the 1 st of Nov we are gonna have kick-off for the New White Room. Make a little marking in your agendas please. (Butterfly I talked to Sandhya yesterday).

The last days I have been building the new party house for this event. Ok its not ready yet, houses in SL are like them in RL, they won´t ever get 100% ready.

Notice that I follow PetGirl Bergmans´s code of practice: A SL houses SHALL has a chimney. And also her safety instructions: When you build=hardhat on!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ewa -the concert pianist

We bought a piano (Sue Stonebender) earlier this year, havent used it much cos it didnt work. But the the handy Ewa Aska fixed it yesterday. Thanks Ewa!

Cure of souls

The sisters, Charlotte Rhino and Ewa Aska, have taken care of this poor grass-widower in a fantastic way! Today I got a Tai-Chi set from Charlotte! Thanks alot!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Junivers Stockholm at Burning Life

For some strange reason I have missed the talented Junivers. Until this year celebrations of the Swedish National day in SL. In contrast to many other SL music artists Juni is orginal and very many-sided. Who is intrested in more or less bad covers? Not me anyway.

Look The Ring, CARP and The Wall up forinstance. There is tons of youtube films!

Yesterday I got a tp from Lensi Hax, who used to sing when Juni was jamming, to Burning Life where Juni was performing and it was fantastic!


Thank you Lensi for the spontanous TP! If you hadnt sent it I would have missed this for sure!

The most frequent SL concert visitors (?) (Ika and Cur) was there ofcourse! Good to see you guys!