Tuesday, January 26, 2010



The coming weeks will be extremely intense for Ewa and Jesper.

We are now building a completly new ballroom. The present is a relic from the summer of 2008. And it has its limitations, especially as it is spherical, which makes it very difficult to "furnish" and you who know us know we "re-furnishing" often. For example, we must build new walls for each event we do. And it is a waste of time.

Theme parties and theme weddings with style is our hallmark.

The opening party for the new ballroom, which is a replica of a one of Swedens most beautiful buildings, will hit you with amazement!

But obviously we have a lot of other things going on!

The next two weeks official program:

January 29 Abba Sweden plays at Second Norway. 02:00 PM
January 30 Elver Lerner sings at Icehotel SL 02:00 PM
January 31 Abba Sweden plays at Toor 01:00 PM
February 2 Foam Party at Icehotel SL 01:00 PM
February 4 Abba Sweden Icehlotel SL at 01:00 PM
February 6 Noma Falta at Icehotel SL 02:00 PM

Noma Falta, our own Noma, makes her first official gig with us. She has played several times on our private parties, but never on an official one. We certainly look forward to invite you all and enjoy SL's best blues singer!

See you!

Jesper & Ewa


Anna Lite Hur Som Helst said...

Oh.. great, It is the upstat Events and party you have I like. This will be fun I will try to visit all events I can. Kisses to you both hard working, I dont know where you find the power, strenght and TIME for all. Go on, we need more upstat swedish party and I must find a partner, can dance with my teddybear all taimes, or can I :-)) is animals allowed in the ballroom? :-))

Jesper Prinz said...

haha anna, borde inte vara nåt problem för en trevlig tjej som du!