Thursday, January 7, 2010

Now is Ewa awake!

Ehh you can not dance the waltz all night! The evening ended with a house music! Of course!

Rultan and Snuffsan!

Two beauties! In the background we see Anna, well-known cafe owner and ABBA member!

Love was in the air as always at the Icehotel SL

Editor in Chief Sato together with Lotta, the sister of Ewa. Lotta have a wonderful hotel, have you not been there you should certainly take a look at it!

Loo and Lounge! As have become SL Partners. Now it's not a game anymore:) Congratulations!

ere we have Karola and her cavalier Ice!

A tired but very happy host couple

Here they are, the three icequeens!

Here is Elfe and Karola, the comp wasnt who got most glow;) Vrill was at this time standing on the Sarek sim waiting for getting to the region

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