Monday, January 4, 2010

Ehh what the fuck, yearly reviews are fun. Here´s another one!

Most glorious memory of RL 2009

Of course, when A.I.K. won national championships (Sweden) in football. As we waited .... As we have longed. Wonderful! 2009, we took Sweden. This year we are taking Europe!

Most glorious memory in Second Life 2009!

Undeniably, when I married Ewa Aska. I was so damn nervous ..... And you who know me know that I'm not the nervous type. Love you hottie! It was a year ago and we have many wonderful years ahead! I have so much fun with this wonderful woman!

This year's false alarm

Of course, when our avis were hit by the pigflu in May and we were forced to close the sims a couple of days....

This year's madness

Frank and Maggie got married and.... No no no it's not crazy to marry in SL, on the contrary. But Ewa was suspended from SL to unclear reasons, and I went to the wedding in logged in as Jesper Prinz AND Ewa Aska. Ewa was present on msn .... haha. Our friends did not know this little trick until after a couple of weeks ... hehe.

Someone out there need an actor by chance? A drag show artist?!

This year's best tipjars?

We have received so much tip money this year, but it's so hard to peel your coin from our cracks......

This year's hysteria in Second Life

Chicks, chickens, hens, roosters....... We also suffered from insanity and was totally radio controlled during a month. Wait .... everything is Bock's fault! He talked about his chickens in a Trance night we had ..... I remember now .... I will charge you for this Bock!!

This year's newcomers to Second Life's music scene

This is a me-me or a we-we blog and so I am not the humble one.... Of course, it is HOTS ROCK as Ewa and Chel formed in the summer. It was some wonderful but tough months!

This year's retrospective!

Of course it is from our perspective no doubt that it's ABBA Sweden! We have reservations for several months to come, but it does not really matter. We have so incredible fun when we do our shows and when we train!

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