Saturday, February 28, 2009



Please join us at the Icehotel SL Feb 28th 2 PM SLT.

There will be samurai acts and traditional geisha danceshow and much more!

Dresscode: Japanese or Pretty in Cherry Pink

Dont miss this or stay gloomy for the rest of the year!

Love ラブ

Ewa & Jesper

Friday, February 27, 2009

Olle Ljungström!!!!

This woman means the world to me

Its late, 2 AM in the morning, but I am not tired at all. I am so full of true love! See you tomorrow baby! We will have a great time at tomorrows party! I know how hard you been working on this and it will be great! And what a night we had, such good talks and so many big laughs!



Queen SL Tribute band

Sunday, March 1st at 12pm SLT!

Queen wasnt my favs, far too theatrical if you ask me BUT its Ewas favs. And my best SL friend, Lio, is the one who is organizing the concert....So I dont dare not beeing there! Who will expose oneself to these two avas common rage? Not this little timid ava anyway!

See you all at the concert at Lionheart Stage!


Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today I visited Thoth Jantzen´s latest installation, and it was brilliant! Toth has been playing with video and better go and check it out yourself!

Geisha training...

well I felt like a rooster in the hennery....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sandhya2 Patel - New Works

Friday Feb 27 8:00pm at the Chupacabra Gallery at Lauk's Nest!

sandhya2 Patel is back!

The Lauk's Nest Community is sponsoring an exhibit of new 2-dimensional and 2-dimensional art by sandhya2 Patel at the Chupacabra Gallery at Lauk's Nest, with the opening scheduled for 8:00pm on Friday, Feb 27.

Most of these paintings have not been seen in Second Life until this exhibit and Sandhya is excited to be showing these works. Included in this show are abstract works and fun robot sculptures.

A real-life illustrator, Sandhya love to do art in Second Life as well. Sandhya's work will be displayed at the Chupacabra Gallery from Feb 27 to Mar 13.

To see more of Sandhya's work, visit her gallery and her aquatic fantasy store.

Unprompted party at Club Permafrost

Since the club moved in to the hotel lobby we have had some unprompted parties. And if I know this two avas right this club will be managed this way.

Yesterday was really fun, lots of totally weird chats on the dancefloors:)

See you all on Saturday!

Slice me nice!

Dont miss the Samurai fight coming Saturday! We have signed up some of SL´s best samurais and the show/fight will be something!

Jesper have moonshined lots of Sake.(very common in the Northern parts of Sweden where the Icehotel is located). Dont know yet if it will have a "Go" from our Japanese friends.

Please join us at the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Icehotel SL Feb 28th 2 PM.

Dresscode: Japanese or Pretty in Pink

Dont miss this or stay curious for the rest of the year!


Ewa & Jesper

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a night!

Ewa has struggled creating warm and nice capes for our guests coming the theatre for the fifth day in a row. Will be good! The next event at the theatre is March 16th so there is time:) She has also togehter with Nyna Slate decorated the ballroom with some HUGE Asian dragons! Dont miss the blue one hanging in the roof! Its massive!

The pick is from the wonderful jazzclub Sphynx, a pretty well established place from -06. Check it out!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Rezzday Joelle!

We were late to Joelles rezzparty...but had great fun! The pixel champagne was fantastic!! But what did the hot doing up inte sky???

Hugs and see you lovebirds soon!

Wanna learn about Scuplts and Scripts?

Course information
The Solace Island Team presents:

Class in Script Tuesday 24 February, 12:00 o’clock (SL time)
Introductory class in Sculpted prims Tuesday 3 March, 12:00 o’clock (SL time)
Scripting class (Beginners level)
What is script?
Where is the script?
What does the script?
What can’t a script do?
Who can make/see/change a script?
How does a script work?
You will make a few simple scripts.
How check and find mistakes in a script?
Where to learn more.
When: Tuesday 24 February at 12:00 o’clock (SL time), 21:00 Swedish time

Where: Solace Island : durance: 45 minutes
Language: Swedish (get a simbolic translator)

Teacher: IronSide Carlberg

Fee: Of course it is free!
Introductory class in Sculpted Prims
What are sculpted prims?
How and where do you make your sculpted prims?
Demonstration of a simple software for beginners: Sculpty Paint
How to create a simple sculpted prim.
How you give a texture to your sculpted prim
How to transfer your form and texture to Second Life
You will make your own sculpted prim in Second Life from an already imported form and texture.
You will get links to where to learn more

When: Tuesday 3 March at 12:00 o’clock (SL time), 21:00 Swedish time
Where: Solace Island : Place will be given later
Estimated durance: 45 minutes
Language: Swedish
Teacher: Kay Uggla
Fee: Of course it is free!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I really love the life with Ewa, she has exact the same tempo as I have and thats crucial, to us anyway.

Saturday I bursted into SL with an idea of starting a tranceclub at the Icehotel SL, i grabbed her and told her my ideas, she listened and questioned some but was swept away of my enthusiasm and two hours later the club was up and somewhat running. People came without any big efforts and we had a good time!

Love you babe!

We dont now really yet what time and days we will set for those clubnight so stay tuned!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

First night of Club Permafrost!

****Welcome to the premiere of Club Permafrost!***

The coldest and most stylish club for friends of Trance Music!
Premiere tonight at 2 PM SLT at the Icehotel SL!

See you there!

Ewa & Jesper

Cirque Mystique

The classical trance club Cirque Mystique reopened a month ago and the tranceloving couple Ewa & Jesper went there yesterday night.

Lio and Gixx popped by aswell as our new shoprenter Nyna Slate (more info soon) Blance and Lotta showed also up.

A great Friday night!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Construction workers at the icehotel

HAHA, I laughed my tight pixelbutt off today when...I cant explain this...just forget this post please!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Inventory loading....


Got this little tip from Ewa today: Type in AIE in the search field of your pocket and you speed it up bit!

Dazy Gallery

Ninna Dazy, the winner in the photocontest have now commpleted her gallery at the Icehotel sim!

And a little bird (my Ewa) whispered in my ear that a HUGE kick off party soon will be helt by Ninna and Blau!

Anyway, come and check this cute little gallery out (SL art) by taking this slurl

Welcome Ninna, this will be great fun!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cherryblossom Festival Feb 28th

Longing for springtime?

We do! And what could be better than having a Japanese Cherry Blossom festival?

Please join us at the Icehotel SL Feb 28th 2 PM.

There will be samurai acts and traditional geisha danceshow and much more!

Dresscode: Japanese or Pretty in Pink

Dont miss this or stay gloomy for the rest of the year!

Love ラブ

Ewa & Jesper

Yesterdays Opening of the Ice Theatre SL

Ohh I can tell you Ewa and Jesper went to their pixelbed with big smiles on their lips yesterday.

We enjoyed the concert with Enniv Zarf alot and the feedback we got from the audience was really positive. It was also very joyful seeing so many new avis at the event and on top of it that so many of them stayed and explored the sim:)

Thank you alot!

Next event at the Icehotel will be a tribute (and a longing for) to the spring; The Cherryblossom Festival. Mark Feb 28th in your agendas!

More about the Enniv Zarf concert here

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dress your avi warm tonite!

Its freezing cold and the wheater forecast´s not promising. So you better dress up warm for tonties sit and listen piano concert with Enniv Zarf aka Paul Kwo!

Our company incurances dont cover frozen to death avis!
2PM tonite at the Icetheatre!
See you there!

A thoughtful Valentine

Yesterday we went to a Valentine dance event called "Universal Love" by Gary Kohime & the late Raina Robertson. Two avas that loved to share love and music with others.

Recently Raina passed away but Gary completed the event in a very worthy way and we all knew that Raina was there in spirit.

Thank you Gary and Raina


Ewa & Jesper

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine offer!

Why not make this Valentine night special?

Share the whole surrealistic icenight with a special avatar. And let it be a night you will never forget:)

Tonite you all will have a 25% discount on rooms and rentals!


Ewa & Jesper

We are prepared for tomorrows opening of the Icetheatre! Are you!

See you at the Icetheatre tomorrow Sunday at 2 PM. It will be awesome!

To my little extra heart

Ewa, I love you. Thank you for yesterday night, was totally awesome! See you soon and yes its ok to open the presents now! haha Puss!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

,;,:,.,:,.,;,:,.,:,:,.,:,:,.,,.,;,,,., by JURIA YOSHIKAWA

,;,:,.,:,.,;,:,.,:,:,.,The Triptastic Dots of Love ,;,:,.,:,.,;,:,.,:,:,.,:,
Juria Yoshikawa (none other),;,:,.,:,.,;,:,.,:,:,.,:,:,.,,.,;,,,.,.,.,;,;,.,.,;,.,.,.,..,.,
,;,:,.,:,.,;,:,.,:,:,.,:,:,.,,.,;,,,.,.,.,;,;,.,.,;,.,.,.,..,., SOUNDS ON,;,:,.,:,.,;,LOUD,;,:,.,:,.,;,:
MIDNIGHT ,;,:,.,:,.,;,:,.,:,:,.,:,:,.,,.,;,,,.,.,.,;,;,.,.,;,.,please,;,:,.,:,.,;,:,.,:,:,.,:,:,.,,.,;,,,.,.,.,;,;,.,.,;,.,.

Got this cryptic note from Juria Yoshikawa today pushing her latest installation. Well its dots, sounds and loud. What more to say really of this little big fav artist of mine? An absolutely amazing installation as always!

How many female reindeers can a dominant reindeer male fuck?

How does Ewa´s and Jesper´s home look like?
Whats the Samic name of Scandinavias highest mountain?
How do I cure my aerophobia?

Tons of vital information at the guided tours at Icehotel SL!

Now both tour systems are up and running!

Take the horse trip up to Kebnekaise summit and then you take the Heli-pod ride!

Dont miss this!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A postcard from Betty and a lovely post from Ika

Thank you both!

Jesper & Ewa

Are you ready for some good luuuvin?

The chocolate box already bought? Check!
Brushed your pixel teeth? Check!
The mandatory silly teddybear bought? Check!
Your babe wants to go to a Valentine's Day party and you dont have any idea where to go? Check!

Here is some help for you!

At Second Sweden there will be a big party at Feb 14th Noon SLT.

The Icehotel Grand Tour!

Yesterday we bought two tour systems for the sim, so our guests will have guidance when we are doing something else or just are off-line, which actually happens!

If we will get these systems up and running....

These tour systems is a bit tricky to set up I can tell you, Ewa, the woman with a patience of gold, was struggling to 3 AM this morning and she still is.

I have given up on these. But I am sure she will make it:) You dont just pick your wife cos she is just pretty right? A modern man needs a handy wife!

To be continued:)

Feeling lost?

Well, who doesnt sometimes?

Anyway, lots of avas are working with RL charity in SL. And I wont bitch on that. As long as ppl are happy, I am happy. And spreading the RL message inside SL is ofcourse a good thing to do.

I have taken an active part (art shows, auctions) in several of SL charity programmes directed to RL (Relay for Life e.g.), but nowadays I just do it in RL since I think the efficency is far too low in SL. At the end of the day its the amount of money collected that counts really.

I am an active member in two RL charity/human rights organizations and and I have no intention to stop that.

But our friends Lio and Jo have set up a programme helping avas out, deeded some land and I really like the idea. SL Charity towards avatars, I really like how you are thinking guys!

Kick off Saturday!

See you there!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To Gary

To Gary,

We met March 10th 2007 (The poet from N.Y.). I have followed your work and doings in SL from time to time. I was so happy for sharing the moment when you and Raina married and also your renewal of vows in the fall of 2008.

My heart was full of sorrow when I received your message today about Rainas passing. But as you expressed it…it was a blessing for her.

We all know how much she suffered for such a long time.

Gary, I hope with all my heart, and so do Jesper, that you will soon find piece of mind after your work of sorrow.

And dont forget you have friends.

Lots of warm hugs

Ewa & Jesper

Monday, February 9, 2009


Drottningholm in RL is the the Swedish Royal residence, and today these two history loving avas took a needed break went to the SL version of it.

Drottningholm is a lovely place in both worlds, and the SL version is very well-done roleplay sim. (Yay, another Swedish RP sim!)

Read the notecards carefully as you should always do before entering an RP area. Its called respect I think.

Ewa and I was there for hours and we truly loved every min of it.

Thank you Sanders Beaumont and Aurelia Scarpulla for your efforts to the SL content!

Coming up Sunday 15th at the Icetheatre SL

Inside Second life, Enniv Zarf have performed at countless venues - including Cetus Gallery, Globe Theatre, Freestar Musician Showcase, SL'ang Life Library, PK Works Gallery, City of the Arts, Grundsfo, Woodstock, Music Island, Elements in Design, Earthday at Red Rock and many more.

He has also started Metaverse Music reviewing music in Second Life that got the attention of the SL Live Music community.

He also have created many unique Krystal Epic builds that have been showcased at the SL 4th & 5th Birthday Celebration.

He is also the residing voice director of the SL Shakespeare company. He has voice directed both the live and machinima versions of Act I Scene 1 and MP2 of Hamlet.

Enniv Zarf's (Paul Kwo) has studied piano since he was five and have received a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano and a Master of Music in Composition from the University of Southern California.

He has studied composition with Frank Ticheli, Tamar Diesendruck and David Fick; piano, with Norman Krieger, Lucinda Carver, Francois Regnat and Charles Fierro; Jazz voice, with Matt Falker; Jazz piano, with Russ Ferrante. He has also had the opportunity to work with Bernard Rands, Steven Hartke, Menachem Wiesenberg, David Tcimpidis and Chen Yi. Paul has also studied acting with Joseph Hacker, Jack Rowe, Michael Keenan, Palmer Fuller and Jan Hennigan, and playwriting with Velina Houston.

As a composer, his piece Nanking 1937- recieved the Jimmy McHugh Composition Prize, Endowed by Lucille Meyers at USC. The piece also was placed among the top seven by the New York Youth Symphony's 2006 First Music Competition receiving a special recognition. Also in 2005 Paul's Ancient Sacrament for the Organic Machine was placed among the top seven by NYYS's 2005 First Music competition. The piece led him to be a finalist in the 2004 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Awards . Furthermore, ERM Media's has awarded his Ancient Sacrament for the Organic Machine to be included in their 'Masterworks of the New Era' Volume Ten, recorded with the Kiev Philharmonic to be released in 2007. Even while he was a senior in Gabrielino High School , Paul was given the opportunity to provide the arrangement of the Alma Mater for the Band. His symphonic poem Maganddore was accepted by USC's New Music for Orchestra concert in 2006. His music was also performed at the Society of Composer Inc. Region VI Conference at Rice University Syzygy Concert (New Music at Rice) 2006, and his solo piano work Surge has been performed by Chenny Gan at Wintergreen Performing Arts on February 25, 2006 at Wintergreen, Virginia, and has been recorded and released on her 2006 Solo Piano Album.

His career as a pianist has allowed him to perform several of his own compositions at various venues. In addition, he has performed under the batons of Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, Larry Livingston, Robert Reynolds, Carl St. Clair, Shelly Berg, Don Crockett and Timothy Su, and alongside Yo-Yo Ma and Chinese singer Wei Wei. He is also very active as a pianist and teacher in Southern California. He has recently released his first freestyle piano improv ablum Rebirth [live] performed live inside Second Life available for purchase at most online music outlets.

As an actor, he has been in various commercials for companies such as Verizon, Honda, PG&E, Wal-Mart, MacDonald's, Hyundai, Washington Mutual. He has done various plays and appeared on TV including NBC's Scrubs, NBC's Knight Rider & TLC's Untold Stories of the ER.. He has also appeared in a number of indie short and feature films with his most recent work as a voice performer on The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Xbox's You're in the Movies video game.

He is currently working in Los Angeles as an Actor/Filmmaker/Musician/Educator along with being inside the virtual world of Second Life as the above along as a Pianist and Theatre Director

Take a slurl to the icetheatre here

The contest and the carneval

Yesterday we had the very last event under the White Room flag. And when Ewa and I took a breather on our bed when all guests had left, we said to eachother at the same time: "Thank god its over".

It was months ago since I closed down the gallery and we have focused hard on the new sim, the wedding and ofcourse build up a new life togheter. So the final was a bit odd to do really.

Anyhow, we had 5 finalists (Dakotah, Ninna, Niya, Second and Honey) and 2 out of 3 jury members ranked Ninna Dazys work of art as no 1:)

Congrads Ninna and I hope you enjoy the gallery/shop at our sim:) I know you will do great things there!

Right after the cermony we kicked off the Carneval and ppl had done a really good job dressing up!

It was a funny night but also a relief that the White Room is behind us:)And be sure that the carneval will be back next year!

This coming Sunday at 2 PM we will do a totally different event, Enniv Zarf, aka Paul Kwo will have piano concert. It will be the opening ceremony for the Icetheatre SL.

See you there!