Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Your next home!

We are just not doing ABBA in SL, we run two sims too;) Many of you have lived at the Lapplandia sim, since we opened it in January. On the main sim we have some huge cottages and the Icehotel SL of course.

The new Sarek sim is now up and running and you can live here at this little Nordic paradise. Jazzoru Otoole has built some typical mountain lodges and Ewa and I have built and decorated the interior.
The lodges are furnished and are equipped with an animated sex och cuddle sauna. A Finn told me once you cant get pregnant if you are doing it in Sauna, but as you all know Ewa and I are Christian fundamentalists so we believe in Virgin Birth and stuff like that, especially in Second Life;) So please check it our and tell us ok.The bedrooms are furnished with the best beds in SL, made by our norwegian friend Winona Wiefel to get the Scandinavian touch both in look and animationwise:) When you live here you have ofcourse access to all facilities (hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaks and much more) on all our sims.

The price is 1600L$/week and you just simply pay the the boxes outside an availble lodge. After that you drop me or Ewa an IM and we will add you to the rental group.

Welcome to Sarek!

Take me to Sare now:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ABBA Sweden -today at the Icehotel Ballroom

Normally we play our "home matches" on Thursdays, but not today. We will play today instead at 01:30 PM SLT.

And be there on time, last week our sim were full.

If you and I are in the mood I will DJ some of Disco favs after the show.

See you then!

Take me to the Icehotel ballroom:

When we were young...

...both of us went alot to PhatCats, the lagg hell hole of SL these days:) I have not been there since the spring of 2007, but yesterday we went there.

And it was really good. Tons of avas but the lag was ok.

Phat Cat's is one of Second Life's most successful formal jazz clubs. It was founded by Dilbert Dilweg and Charity Colville it was later owned by Jody Huet, Barbarella Noel and Amethyst Jetaime. The club is currently owned by Brianna Talbot.

Phat Cat's really plays some of best jazz from all eras and Phat Cat's Jazz Club is one of the top venues in Second Life, and has maintained a no camping policy for its entire existence! (love that policy)

Ewa and I had a really good time and we will be back soon.

Why does it take 10 seconds to get a male ava dressed and 35 min for a female ava?

Erik and I use to play poker, snooker and dart while Ewa and Greta get dressed. Anyone outhere who got suggestions for things to do as a pastime, please IM me or send a notecard in-world.

Thank you!

Jesper & Erik

This is second life love:)

Ewa is sleeping on my chest....

Kayaking at Sarek!

Hi everyone! Come and try our new kayaks out at the Sarek sim. You can choose between single and double ones!


Jesper & Ewa

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jean Munro

Sunday nite Ewa and I were seeing Jean Munro who played smooth jazz at a lovely venue. (Dont forget to tip the venue owners when you are at a concert). Jean was really good this night and Ewa and I enjoyed every second of it.

I have known Jean since early 2007. I was at a birthday party(we were just 5 persons there) and suddenly she sat down at the piano and started to sing. It was a magical moment for me, it was the first time I heard someone livestreamed in SL. And it gave me another dimension to the world I just started to love:)

Attention! ABBA Sweden on Wedensday 01:30 PM

The next ABBA Sweden show at the Icehotel will be on Wedensday, not on Thursday!

01:30 PM SLT and be there on time. The last concert was totally sold out!

See you on Wedensday!

Next Sunday we will also have a concert at the Fruit Island stage!

Fantast Vaniva

Fantast Vaniva is one of the Icehotel SL´s biggest supporters. We has litterally dragged his friends to our sims for months. And sometimes I think he knows the sim better than we do:)

He has given us alot of feedback and he always yell at me when I am playing house, r´n´b or something: "Please turn this off and put some Swedish music on Jesper!" He is from China btw so I guess Swedish sound very exotic:)

Well, yesterday we "hired" Fantast as a guide. You can call him if you want some help with whatever on the sims if Ewa or I are not online.

And dont call the police if a big guy ask you: Do you want a guided mountain tour?:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thank you Loo!

Thanks for a great party! We had plenty of fun!

Ewa o Jesper

Thursday, September 24, 2009

And by the way....

...the diet worked!


Ewa & Jesper

This is so fun

I promise you we dont give a shit about silly fake things such as traffic but when Lotta said "Have you locked the door?" we became very happy!

The sim was full yesterday and its a full region, I hope you had fun! We had!

See you soon!

Jesper, Ewa, Greta and Erik

Family happiness

Today its time for Greta, Ewa, Jesper and Erik avoiding ancle fractures with those high platform boots.

Erik & Jesper must also avoid beeing impotent wearing those extremly tight pantssuits. Their doctor, Jespers wife Ewa and Eriks slaves have togehter ordinated a preventive diet of kiwifruits, raw egg and fish oil.

Se you all today at 01:00 PM!

…under threat of extermination many 100´s of ducks and pheasants were shot yesterday? Alot!

As you noticed we had some technical issues with the shotguns at the duckhunting (The Sarek sim) but now everything is up and running!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Duck shooting at Sarek

Do you prefer shooting cute ducks? Lovely, come to our latest sim, Sarek, grab a free shotgun and go ahead!

Happy hunting!

Pheasant hunting in Lapplandia!

Hi there all bloodthirsty avas!

Today we have finished the work with the pheasant shooting and if you are intrested in killing some of our cute little pheasants you are more than welcome.

You just choose your options on the sign, grab a shotgun at the vendor (free ofcourse) and go ahead!

I happend to hit Ewas butt with some charge of shots so tonite I am gonna do some first aid there.

Do you wanna do some first aid with your wife, dog, slave, master or whatever you prefer or just have some fun shooting pheasants? Just click the link here and you will go direct the Lapplandia

Rules on the Icehotel SL sims

There is discussion going on about sim-rules on the net, and Ewa and I don’t have any signs or infocards saying No harassment, No Solicity, No Griefing etc.

Why do we need rules? Because it simplifies ofcourse. Take the Ten Commandments; Honor your father and mother. I agree with that in general. I really do, I tell my kids that every day, they don’t listen though hehe

But what if the mother and the father are two fucking monsters that lock in their kids in the cellar and rape them? I say NO to that rule. And all those exceptions make this rule totally useless as it as written. If you don’t start writing it with tons of asterisks and really try to straighten the exceptions out. Like “the law” try to do for instance.

And since we don’t have the time and knowledge to write down a “law” for people come visiting us we just have one simple rule:


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our new living room

Elletra Gausmann have helped us alot with designing our clothes. She has made Ewas wedding, and some of the ABBA outfit and much more. She introduced us to Queen, a club owner and fashionita some weeks ago.

Queen runs the club Ego, which is very well designed members club in the Italian fashion district. We were really impressed of the build and sophisticated atmosphere! Queen has a lot in pipeline; fashion- and photoshows and very soon a Swedish coverband on top of it!YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

ABBA goes Gor!!???


Havana -before Castro! Soon at a Icehotel near you!

Soon the SL time will turn back and take you to Havana -when Cuba was a tropical Playground!

//Ewa, Jesper, Bock and Ars

Monday, September 21, 2009

A lost sim, abba pictures and a grotesque microphone!

Yesterday night started in the best of ways. My football team won and went right up to the top of the table. I logged in full of satisfaction and new energy, started to do things I swept under the carpet for weeks; I was whistling when cleaned my overcrowded inventory!

Ewa was watching TV, I thought. Suddenly Ewa came online, and I started give her detailed descriptions of the big thing just have happened on the field. A bit sardonic I must admit....

She was not interested, not interested at all! She was furious! (Aska means among other things Thunder in Swedish)

Furious not just because her fav team is the local rivals that probably will be moved down because they are so extremely lousy this year.

No, No, No something much worse had happened. When she logs in nearly every prim, even herself, is completely covered by a certain ABBA picture! She showed me some pics and well it looked more than spooky.

Her upright man (me) tried to calm her down and started to find the problems in the sim-settings for some unknown reason! She said at least five times: “Jesper, it’s not the sim settings, its something with my ava god dammit”

“Hun, you´ll never know, I will take care of this” slicky me replied and started to push buttons without any control and suddenly the whole sim (Lapplandia) was blown away! The Lapplandia sim was no more! Just water! Everything was gone!

A year of building, struggling, laughter and love just passed by and I logged out….

I barked for five minutes at my RL dog, someone has to take the blame right? But he barked back…

I logged backed in with my tail between the legs AND THE SIM WAS BACK!


We ended the night with a therapeutical rehearsal (Check Ewa mic out hehe)

Here we go again!

On Thursday (01:00 PM SLT) you are more than welcome to the Ballroom and a new ABBA show! Yesterday nite we changed the show abit (in between some crashes, when will the new viewer come?) and we hope you will like it!

See you on Thursday!


Den här posten tänker jag skriva på svenska av den enkla anledningen att det inte är helt lätt att skriva detta på ett andra språk.

För snart ett år sedan (6/10) inträffade en ”klassisk” vändpunkt i mitt andra liv och även i detta såklart. Jag hade ett par veckor innan avslutat ett längre förhållande, jag var väldigt lättad över att tagit det beslutet, tillfreds med tillvaron hur hemskt det än kan låta. Det var två personer i hela SL som visste hur det låg till. Och jag är inte den som tycker synd om mig själv och skulle aldrig i mitt liv skriva om en sådan sak på en blogg av respekt för de inblandade.

Under denna tid så umgicks jag såklart med mina vänner och en av dessa var en viss Ewa Aska. Vi har ”tjaffsat” en hel del om när och hur vi träffades första gången. Jag hävdar bestämt att hon tog med mig på en klubb en gång i början av januari 2008 och hon hävdar med samma envishet att vi sågs på ett event som jag hade på Second Sweden. Hehe

Vi kände varandra väldigt väl vid den här tidpunkten, vi visste om varandras drömmar, rl förutsättningar och värdegrunder och vi trivdes utmärkt i varandras sällskap. Och omedvetet så stegrades intresset till en annan nivå för att slå till som en blixt den där kvällen den 6/10.

För det var verkligen ett blixt nedslag. Vi har hemma hos henne och vi umgicks med två kompisar som behövde lite "ostördhet" så vi sa i mun på varandra: Vi åker till Barcelona och lämnar turtur duvorna själva för en stund. Det visade sig vara bådas favorit ställe och är så än idag.

De katalanska rytmerna tog tag i oss och Ewa sa efter någon timme: ”Hade du inte haft en partner så hade vi gjort något helt annat just nu” Hon hade ingen aning om det var slut sedan ett par veckor. Men det fick hon reda på inom en sekund reda på. Haha.

Och så började det och sedan dess har det varit ”vi”. Vi försöker verkligen leva ut våra drömmar i SL, och vi gör det tillsammans. En del släpper vi till andra och hoppas att ni tycker det är kul och trevligt som tex simmarna, hotellet, festerna och nu senast ABBA medan väldigt många av våra drömmar förverkligar vi inom förhållandet.

Vi tycker oft lika, har samma tempo i kroppen, vi skippar prestigen och kan hänge oss. Vi har även hittar våra "roller" på ett bra sätt, dels som man o kvinna, älskare o älskarinna och som partners i det vi gör.

Vi sopar inte heller saker och ting under mattan. Upp med det på bordet med ett ordentligt ”härligt” gräl som följd är vår melodi. Ni som känner oss vet att vi båda är hetsiga.

SL är såklart som gjort för missförstånd, text utan kroppsspråk ni vet. Så är det såklart även för oss, trots att vi ofta skrattar åt dem när de uppstår. Jag känner såklart personen bakom avan extremt väl och vice versa och dagligen pratar vi med varandra ca 1 timme i telefon.

Och ska jag ge några råd (jag är avigt inställd till att ge råd hur man lyckas med ett förhållande) så är det just detta: För oss är en av nycklarna att vi pratar, skrattar och diskuterar i RL, för känslorna är såklart dem samma oavsett om du är på en bal i SL eller om du sitter på bussen på väg till jobbet i RL.

Älskar dig Ewa, och glöm inte sticknings-setet!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another great weekend

It has been, as always, a very nice weekend. A weekend full of intensive love, seeing some friends, a wedding ceremony and of course some fiddling with the new hotel. (Very strange things happened yesterday, some prims send out an intensive blue light!!!)

Yesterday night we went to a garden ball and we practiced some RP there, and I we weren’t that bad for not doing RP in months in public hehe.

We will take up RP as soon we are up and running with the hotel and have found a community that fit our needs. I really look forward to this. To be continued:)

Better than BDSM!

The new Icehotel 2009 will be something! I a couple of days we will re-open it! Check your mail box!


Ewa & Jesper

At the opera

After the wedding, teh two tired but happy avas went to the Opera, where they have their own balcony;)

We saw Little Yoshiwara Geishas performing stories on the Ming Dynasty.
A lovely show, with great texts, musics, colors & dancing that took us away to the Golden Age of China.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love, joy & happiness!

Ob and Tina! It was a lovely moment. Congratulations on your wedding!

SL is great!

A close friend of us took his blind RL brother to the last ABBA concert, and it worked very well. He got a computer with softare for blind people and a voice that talks to him. And SL has special viewers for blind. Very interesting and totally new for me:)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for coming to our show last night! It was a massive success, 58 avas during the concert and the recently so retarded servers shined at us yesterday!

We have a couple of shows planned outside our sims so check this site up for latest info but you can already now book coming Thursdays (01:00 PM) at the Ballroom!


Ewa, Jesper, Greta & Erik

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

See you all tomorrow!

There is alot about ABBA and you might think we are just doing that and nothingelse. we have worked really hard with the 2 sims, and you will see more of that October 3 when we will "open" Sarek and the new Icehotel at Lapplandia.

Further more we will do a thing again with Bock and Ars. If you missed Bollywood you will have another chance to a really showy party!

And ofcourse we have remade the ABBA show! So dont miss the show tomorrow Thursday at 01:00 PM. The Icetheatre was so crowded last week so we will be at the ballroom tomorrow!

See you there!

Take me to the Icehotel ballroom:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The big move

Today we are moving the new Icehotel to the Lapplandia sim:)

My first build

PetGirl (Tina) Bergman is inviting us to tell about our first build and when she is calling you are coming with the dog bone!

Well first I have to tell you I am a very stubborn person. From Jan -07 til May -07 I had made up my mind; I would never ever build a thing in SL!

I also considered it to be beneath my dignity to waste time in a Sandbox, when you just had entered this huge candy shop with tons of sweets. This time was my wild period! However something happend in May 07 and I searched a Sandbox up and started to build... a doghouse!!!! Without having a dog, but beeing one....

I think it took me 3 days to get this masterpiece ready!

I rezzed this piece this morning and I promise you there isnt a straight wall.And at least 20 huge cracks. And what on earth did I think of when I choosed texture? Must have been the first that came up in alphabetical order or something...

When the shock had passed i looked over the gardenwall into the area where Ewa and I are building the new (3K+) Icehotel.

There is hope for humanity:)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Abba Sweden on Thursday 01:00 PM

Yesterday concert at the Woodstock Festival was....laggy!:) Greta and Erik were clouds during most of the concert. The voice talking between the songs were...gone! But we hade fun and we hope you hade that too:)

However, on Thursday we will do a show at the Icetheatre. Hope to see you then!

Ewa & Jesper