Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good friends!

After a hard days work with the carneval and putting in order three new rentals Jo and Lio popped by and visited the Swedish rental...

Hmm no that wasnt the case, Jo and I came there at the same and finding the ladies drinking and talking about "life" (in other words us)

Thanks for the laughs guys!

The Icehotel SL goes to Rio!

We have had several of contestants in the White Room Photocontest during last year and the final is going on right now!

The prizegiving cermony and the later careval will take off Sunday Feb 8th at 1 PM at the Icehotel SL Ballroom!

Dresscode: Carneval outfits ofcourse:)

Hearty Welcome!

Ewa & Jesper

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

darnit.. i thought i had put my fangs away the night before.. lol..

We have got tons of pics (more than 200 pics) from ppl who was visiting our marriage. And soon we are through the whole package. Thank you very much! We have laughed our pixel butts off here but also have had happy tears:)

But we think this one is the best one. A happy winged vamp during the religous cermony! This pic is our SL!

Together with the pic she send us this lovely comment:

Kiana Svenska: darnit.. i thought i had put my fangs away the night before.. lol..

See you soon Kiana!

Jesper & Ewa

Check The Icehotel SL blog out

Hi, yesterday we finshed the work with the Icehotel SL blog. This page wont be very much updated since its more an information page of what you can do at our sim. A more colourful notecard so to say.

You find the site by clicking here


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The final

We have have 4 (out of 6) final entries already here. We still wait for Niya Nishi, and Olivier Perl.

The price cermony will take place Feb 7 or 8 and afterwards we will celebrate the finalists and especially the winner with a party. We will give you exact date and times soon!

The theme is ofcourse "Cold"

Stay tuned!

Check Ninnas, Seconds, Dak´s and Honeys entries out here

Take a trip to the exhibtion from here

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some pics from our wedding:)

Ewas sister, Charlotte and my sister-in-law and Bock are leading the aerobic exercise! Thank you both, you made us all sweathy!

Noma Falta, the queen of Blues, did a cheered gig!

Jean Munro (who played at the reception) and Red checked the Swedish kick-sleds outside the hotel. But pls Red ol bro, behave and act like an gentleman. You are the one who is supposed to ride Jean:). Jean singed beutiful as ever. Yeti Voom told me during the concert: What a voice that woman has!!!

Lionesse Vandyke is peeping thru the keyhole...Hmmm Lio, how was the night with Jo in the the icehotel? Did you pick the suite? Did he defrost you? We really hope so!

I didnt step once on her feet this time!

More pics here:

And again, thank you very much for coming and sharing this moment with us!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you everone who shared the happy moment with us yesterday! We are now hiding somewhere on the grid and probably feeding eachother with grapes, feeling good and doing grown up activities:)

Ewa & Jesper

Friday, January 23, 2009

Important message


There will be alot of guests coming to the wedding tomorrow. Ewa and I are ofcourse very happy about that, but lots of people=lots of lag. So there for we have decided to close the sim today til about 3 PM SLT tommorrow and just let invited guests access the Icehotel sim.

If you have told us that you are bringing a date/friend/lover/slave; that ava is on the accesslist. If not, please tell me or Ewa Aska the full name of the ava and we put him/her/it on the list right away:)
Other tips to reduce lag tomorrow:

Take off your AO´s
Remove you group tags
Remove scripted items like Xcite parts
And try to avoid not spamming the artists (Noma Falta & Jean Munro) performing in chat.

See you tomorrow!


Monday, January 19, 2009

The range of Icehotel SL products are shaping!

Our builder has spoken

Cur Waydelich, one of the builders, have written a nice post about his creation of the Ice Theatre SL. Thank you Cur!

The Theatre will be the "sit-down-and-listen/watch-arena", where we will have events like poetry reading, classical music events etc. Do you have any input of what you want to see pls dont hesitate to contact mer or Ewa.

The other builders are Only (The Ballroom), Ewa (the hotel) and I have done the "run-downed shacks" at the shopping street. Terraforming have Ewa and I done together.

Puhh we are almost done now!!! will never be done with this!

And by the way, this weekend we popped into Vlad Bjornson who gave us some good tips of doing lovely rivers. You have to come and see it!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

To do list

Build an Icechurch: Checked.

Place lots of furs in the church so the guests wont have cystitis

Order a priest: Checked

Build a reception/party place: checked

Photographer/film maker: checked

Honeymoon: checked

Invitation cards (dont forget the dress code): checked

Change Ewas passport documents: checked

Consideration of impediments to marriage (hardest part but bribe the person in authority if they start argumenting): checked

Wedding outfits: checked

Menues printed and food ordered:checked

Cake: wont have anyone we are on diet

Book Noma F and Jean M and Fia as DJ:checked

Remind them of tuning their instruments (artists....!): checked

Write vows:checked

Hosts and toastmaster:checked

Flowers to the party AND the reception: checked

Order bridal bouquet:checked

Order plenty of booze and champagne(our friends are the thirstiest in SL): checked
Wedding march: checked

Seating arrangements: checked

Programme at the cermony:checked

Have I forgot something? Please tell me if so:)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coming up soon at the Ice Theatre SL

Join the Icehotel SL group, cos this you wont miss!

The first entry in the finals!

Yay! Finally we are on the move! Honey Hansson is the first one entering the finals of the Whiteroom Contest with her beutiful entry.

Honey won the Febrary event and come and check it out now! The showroom is located in one of the windbreaks on the shopping street.

Thank you very much Honey!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My rezzday

Yesterday was my rezzday and I didn’t want any big fancy party. We have had four big parties and several minor ones the last two months and the greatest one is coming up next week…..And on top of it, the Icehotel SL coming up.

But my fantastic girlfriend had planned a day and night I won’t forget!

She knows me like anyone else in SL and she knows her guy is extremely competitive, and love to compete as much as he hates to loose!

So she challenged me in bowling…dressed in four-inch high-heels, probably just to get me out of balance. And this cunning plan was successful. Her score was 85% higher than mine….

Well after this humiliating first event, she gave me a couple of boxes with eighteenth century outfits and we went to Versailles and had a fantastic time.

Right after the polonaise we went and….well what we did during this last part is definitely unprintable hehe

Thank you Ewa for a fantastic day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Sami people and flag

Astrid Båhl (Norway) has designed the Samian flag. The flag was approved on the 13th Noridic Samian conference in 1986. The colours are the ones that you see on tradional Samian clothes. The circle represents the sun (the red half) and the moon (the blue half)

Official flagdays are Feb 6 (Samian nationalday, Aug 15 (when the flag was approved in the parliament), Aug 18 (when the Samian parliament was founded) and Nov 9 when the Finnish Samian parliament was founded)

Much more about the Sami people here

Our guests wont freeze to death

In the arctic cold its of course important to dress right. The "layer on layer" principle is the way to survive and yesterday Elfe Lmako has finshed her work with severalt undershirts:)

150L in our shops pretty soon!

All clothes accessories will be marked with our logo but the with the Samian colours (green, red, blue and yellow)

Hidden talent

Today I was stuffing vendors with some fleece shirts and Eshi O popped by the sim. I guided her (just briefly) around the different locations and when we reached the Theatre (Cur if you read this, you wont miss the deadline huh?:) she entered the stage and started to sing!

So Eshi when you get bored of designing clothes and all other things you are doing, you are hearty welcome to join the vaudevilles at the Ice Theatre. You have absolutely what it takes! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Someone has heard our prayers

Ewa and I tried to marry Catholic (since we will convert) but it was impossible since the Pope dont pass virtual marriage. Its up to them really, no big deal.

But today I was so happy when I found a godly way of searching the net. I have found the search engine Cathoogle which automatically snag all dirty words! Perfect!

I started to test it immediately!

Here is my results:

Fuck 0 (209.000.000 Google)
Analsex 0 (44.500.000 Google)
Cum 0 (177.000.000 Google)
Tits 0 (98.500.000 Google)
Dildo 0 (55.300.000 Google)
BDSM 0 (27.600.000 Google)

As you can see all the filth in the world is gone! Thank you very much Cathoogle for providing this excellent service!

Friday, January 9, 2009

On my wish list

Avatars like to click. We click on each other at all possible and impossible occasions and a “well-composed” profile is often a treasure when you want to explore SL.

Under Pics-folder in the profile avatars mix lovers, ex lovers friends, family and cool places that they want to share with others. I do that and many with me. The space is limited and why don’t LL skip one of the useless folders e.g. Interest and make room for one “family-folder” and one “place-folder”?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Designers, Saami attire and a interpreter

As you all know we have a French designer team helping us out with the clolthes and accessories for our shops, and explaining how a Saami attire(original inhabitants in Lapland) for a French isnt the easiest thing in the world when your French is very limited:) Thank god, charlotte came and helped us out!

But this will be great!

After this language exercise Ewa and I went home and had a good laugh! SL is fantastic!
Thank you Elfe, charlotte and Tantric for you patience!

Tonite the SL subways belongs to us!!!

Tonite we gonna do some spray can art in the subway, with protective goggles of course!

//Jesper "Zappo" Prinz & Ewa "Taki" Aska

But before that Ewa was trying som wedding rings. Isnt she cute?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cheen Pitney, graphic cards and more

Yesterday (Tuesday) was great! I feel alright when I have alot to do (both RL and SL) and yesterday was just perfect.

Got a lot of greetings from ppl that liked the 12th Night Ball which is of course fun. Many had problems with “grey”. Take my advice, get yourself a new graphic board, now. It’s such a big difference. I bought a new PC in June and I haven’t had any problems at all with “grey” and I crash rarely. Adjust your settings as well (Preferences) so they fit your system. It will help out a bit.

Anyhow, yesterday, was back to work, and Cheen Pitney came and delivered a big sculpt (an icetiger guarding the the entrance to the ballroom) and some fantastic 64 prim ice roses for the the hotel rooms. Thank you very much Cheen, a lovely job! Ewa, the queen of decoration and accuracy, moved the tiger around for a long time but finally found the right position. I wish I had 1% of her patience!

We completed the day at a blues bar together with some good friends! Lovely day and night!

Hmm and what will happened today; well we have an appointment with the French designer team. Elfe Lmako have outsourced some of the designwork (mainly the bags) to a friend of hers. And they look fantastic!

What to do the day after

Something digestible, something not-trying like DisneyWorld in SL(without those giant lines of ppl torturing you in RL DisneyWorld or EuroDisney)

Anyway Ewa and I took a little break from everything and went there today and it was a great time talking about childhood amusement park memories and some (dirty) ones from recent times! Hehe

Thumbs up for DisneyWorld in SL!

Well-attended ball night at Ice Hotel SL

Thanks everyone for coming to the Twelfth Night Ball 2009. And thank you very much Ewa for doing most of the job with the decoration when I was away! You are a star!

It was a very well-attended ball, there was +90 avatars visiting the party. Now Ewa and I will take a little "party-break" and highly concentrate on finishing the sim til our wedding Jan 24th(puhh, just 2,5 weeks...!!!).

But most of the time the sim will be open and its already now alot to explore there. (Its far from a party sim if someone thought so). Yesterday Leo, finished his work with the sculpts and soon will Cheen Pitney finish his for instance. There is alot to see at the sim, trust me:)

Back to the party: We danced til 2.30 CET when I took Ewa and on my shoulders to our summerhouse and told her some bedtime stories before bed. Its pretty heavy to host a party I can tell you:)

Izi and Bren went through the accounts payable for 2008 or something else. They sat by the fire for hours:)

Jo Myhre and Blanche Argus were elected to the king and queen of the ball and won a gift cert in Ewas and my shop

Good old Apmel in a one of his many tuxedos seemed to have fun!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Izi and a challenge from Jesper

Yesterday night was great! Back in SL after too many days completely switched off from SL.

Ewa showed me how she has decorated the ballroom for the ball later tonight. Looks great!
Izi came over to the sim, and handed us the wedding invite she have created. A very special creation! Look up your mail the coming days. Izikael Novi is Ewa´s best friend and she is also the first one that will host one of our “windbreaks/shops”.

Haven’t you visited her gallery up yet? Look her profile up and go and check it out.


PS Don’t miss the ball tonight. And here is a little challenge to all Swedes planning to come: Its pretty rude just talking Swedish in open chat when 50% of the guests are from all over the globe. Pls try your English in open chat at the ball tonight. See you tonight!

Welcome Junivers!

The talented and big-hearted Junivers Stockholm has started up blog. You better bookmark this on!

Twelfth Night Ball!

Jan 5th is the Twelfth Night and its time for a traditional Twelfth Night Ball. Our DJ has stuffed his/her stream of good Viennese waltzes + some huggble tunes and we hope to see you all at the Ballroom of Icehotel SL.

Ewa has done a fantastic job decorating the ballroom during my RL absence!

Jan 5th 1 pm SLT (22.00 CET)
Dresscode: Formal (what else?)
Please feel free to bring a date!

See you there!

Ewa Aska & Jesper Prinz

PS Make sure you join the Icehotel group for coming events! We have tons in pipeline!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Today is the day!

Its not just the first day of 2009, its also today the the finals of the White Room photo contest start.

The theme will be “Cold”, a pretty broad theme with lots of room for a creative mind. The entry shall be based on a SL photo and will be judged by a secret jury for its creativity. You can touch up the SL photo if like to, animate it or just have a plain photo, its up to you.

Start January 1st 2009 and ends with big party the Jan 31st!

The winner wins tons of honour and a cashprize of 10.000 L$.

Stay tuned!

The winner during the year is:
Isolde Flamand
Motorchick Moody*
Honey Hanson
Olivier Perl
Balthazaar Paine
Second Renoir
Ninna Dazy

If someone of these guys dont wanna participate, the no 2 will be stand in that specific contest.

*Motorchick Moody, the proud winner of the first event

Farewell invisible typewriter!

Blanche Argus was coming to the ice hotel one night when Ewa and I was building, very excited about a new setting: How to stop your avatars hands from typing. A pretty good feature that I want to share with you:

1. Go into the “advanced” menu.
2. Choose “debug settings.”
3. Type in “PlayTypingAnim” and set it to false.

Farewell invisible typewriter!

Mark my words

What a year it was! For me personally it has been great year and Ewas and my plans for the next months are pretty much traced.

But the big question is how will 2009 be in SL? And tell you what, I know! I searched Classifieds, found myself a fortune-teller, paid her some L´s and she delivered the answers.

1) the Land-issue. The new set-up for OpenSpaces(Homestead) will be a failure. How many of you have signed up for Homestead? LL will launch a new option for those residents who don’t want to live in those ghetto-like ghost towns with all limitations connected to them. The witch was a bit floating about how this package will look like but…hehe
2) Taking better care of new residents. “First impression is very important”, is a “law” in most situations. If you enter a rl bar and in five minutes time you get harassed big time, nearly raped by fox, bitten by a vampire everything accompanied by a massive buzz(spam and griefing attacks). Whats the chance you will return to that bar? This is what many new residents are facing during their first minutes in SL Welcome Areas. LL has finally realized that new residents are worth taking care of and they take care of newbies in much better way during 2009. According to my fav witch.
3) LL will also realize that their decision to close down gambling the summer of 2007 wasn’t their most well-prepared one. Of course they wont admit that but they will during 2009.

Mark my words


Hire a shop at Icehotel SL!

Between the hotel build and the start of the mountain trail we have build some shops which would be perfect for your SL business.

The shops is imitating real life windbreaks used by fishermen in the northern part of Scandinavia.

Kick off will be Jan 24th but the sim is open already now.

When you hire a shop from us you will have access to this blog and our groups to promote your products.

The price is 2000 L$/4 weeks. Are you interested pls contact me or Ewa Aska.

Dont you dare miss this chance!