Sunday, January 31, 2010

Abba Sweden at the dump!

Yesterday celebrated our old friend Ironwolf his birthday. He and his wife, Jodi, had organized a large birthday party where the entire budget was eaten up by Sweden's ABBA enormous gage. So hardworking couple had cut back on other expenses. Thats why the party took place at the local dump!

It does not matter us, only we get our money! hehe

Anyway, Jodi and Iron, had arranged a fantastic fun event.

Incidentally, it is particularly fun that so many Norwegian avatars have discovered ABBA Sweden! You are always cheerful and nice!

The next ABBA Sweden event takes place on Thursday. At 01:00 PM we are playing at Club Copenhagen at the Icehotel SL!

Clickable Abba-Anna governs the masses on the dancefloor!

Jodi and Iron tried to hide the fact that the party took place on a dirty garbage dump by the firing of tons of fireworks ....

The birthday child in person! Slightly off comments because of all the commotion. Congratulations Iron!

Large-smoker Jodi with curlers in her hair ... The picture was taken before she started drinking ....

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