Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The tattooed birthday boy .....

First and foremost: Thank you Ewa for hosted my rezzday party! It was awesome! I love you babe!

To my friends: You are completely mad!:)

What I knew we would have a surf party at our house, but tracked it out to something completely different ...! haha. Okay, most surfed but it was other things that attracted more!

And a special greeting to The Evil Twins: revenge will be sweet:)

See you and thanks again!


rultan said...

Thanks Jesper and Ewa for a really great party! And keep having fun in SL, Jesper!!

Hmmm...I miss some pictures here Jesper...but don't worry, they will be seen at MY blog :))

Take care both of you, I love you!!


Jesper Prinz said...

Thank you rultan! Yeah it was really a hell of a party!