Thursday, January 7, 2010


Playing at places other than "home" is actually incredibly fun. Yesterday we played at Live Limburg, owned by Edwin Hoorenbeck. A nice guy who had his eyes on us for some time. It was an "awful" lot of people (72 persons) at the same time. Of course there are problems with such a large number of people. But ABBA Sweden can not do much about that. Other than rejoice that people obviously like what we do.

Anyway it was great fun. And especially cool is that so many of you are coming back week after week!

Thank you!

Anna, Ewa, Jesper, Greta and Eric

The next event will be 14 January at 01:00 PM SLT. And will take place in the new renovated ballroom at the Icehotel SL.

Tired and happy Ewa and Jesper went home for various relaxation exercises. But full of adrenaline it was difficult to fall asleep so we decided to finish the evening with good friend Noma Falta who played at Wise Guys!

A perfect evening!

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