Monday, December 29, 2008

Twelfth Night Ball

Dear readers,

Jan 5th is the Twelfth Night and its time for a traditional Twelfth Night Ball. Our DJ has stuffed his/her stream of good Viennese waltzes and we hope to see you all at the Ballroom of Icehotel SL

Jan 5th 1 pm SLT (22.00 CET)
Dresscode: Formal (what else?)
Please feel free to bring a date!

See you there

Ewa Aska & Jesper Prinz

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank you for coming!

Its late 2.30 pm here when I am writing this post. Ewa and I have cleaned the whole sim, emptied the ashtrays and we are very happy that so many of joined us at our first party.

I have no idea how many we were but the sim didnt crash this time. Thank lord, cos we are having plenty of parties in pipeline. All of you will have groupinvites the coming days and if you couldnt come tonite, please IM one us and we will get you an invite.

See you soon!

More about the Rockabilly party here

Put on your blue suede shoes....

22.00 CET (1 PM SLT) Sunday Jan 28th at the Icehotel SL Ballroom

It will be a blast!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

We are ready, are you?

Today we have polished our dancemoves! And it will be hard for you to beat us tomorrow:)

Get ready for tommorows Rockabilly party at the almost ready-built Icehotel SL Sim.

See you there!

22.00 CET, 1 PM SLT

Friday, December 26, 2008

A long but funny Boxing day!

After a couple of days with rl friends and family the two SL junkies, Ewa and Jesper, almost overdosed SL:)

Spent alot of time at the Icehotel SL ofcourse. But also visited "old" clubs like Laguna and Bad Girls and showed the youth how to shake a pixel butt. Pretty succesful if you ask me!

Late we got an invite from Eshi Otawara who has redone one of her old projects and arranged it at Desperado.

Friends go and check it out! Very impressing!

Hire a windbreak at the Icehotel SL

The Icehotel SL is getting somewhat ready and now we have 6 out of 8 shoprentals ready for your business.

The shops is imitating real life windbreaks used by fishermen in the northern part of Scandinavia.

Kick off will be Jan 24th.

The price is 2000 L$/4 weeks. Are you interested pls contact me or Ewa Aska.

Dont you dare miss this chance!


Our bedworkers in action

Well, what to do on Boxing Day 2008? Adjusting beds with Mrs G and Mr G ofcourse! Ewa was so chocked seeing these two lil rabbits in action that she happend to delete half the Icehotel building....

And No, you cant come and watch this. The sim is temporarily closed!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Some weeks ago we advertised for two patient and openminded avatars who was willing to help us adjusting the animated beds at the Icehotel.

And today, dear readers, we signed with Mrs G and Mr D! They wanted to be anonymous, and I can understand them. Its not the most glamorous job you can have in SL...But someone has to do it!

Thank you so much for helping us and our future guests with this Mrs G and Mr D!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

When we are up and running....

and you have have your agendas already infront of you:

Dec 28th: Rockabilly party See earlier posts
Jan 1st-Jan 31st: White Room Photocontest Final. (Just the winners from the earlier events)
Jan 5th: Tradtional Twelfth Night Ball. You will have couple of invites with different dates in-world soon
Jan 24th: Wedding

Cur Waydelich

Well, both Ewa and I are normally very straight and clear to others and ourselves. I love it, I couldnt have it in another way.

But when I started building the Ice theather, I noticed a softer approach from my lil dove:)

After day one she said to me with a smooth voice "Jesper, we really should do the things we enjoy, those things we dislike we better outsource" I nodded

After day two my new personality changed gf asked me: "Jesper, do you really like building the Ice theater"? Stubborn me replied with "Yes" I lied.

After two weeks of building sorrows my normal Ewa came up to me and said "Stop this bloody building now! Concentrate on the blog, get the shops up and running, do something you can handle! But ust stop this now! Now!!!!"

The day after we called for Cur Waydelich. And I dont regret it a second! Cur is a Swedish builder (check his site out here) Thanks again Cur and welcome onboard!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You are invited!

Click the picture to enlarge it!

Dec 28th 1 PM SLT (22.00 SLT)
SL Icehotel Ballroom
Theme: Rockabilly what else?

Heartly welcome

Ewa & Jesper

Soon there!?

The SL Icehotel sim is not a just building site anymore and that feels good for a stressed soul like mine. I took a look at it today and felt lil pride and calmness:)

But soon I realized there is a lot left to do....

Where is Cheen Pitneys scuplpures? Will he fix them in time?
When is the bloody lift installer getting here and fix the broken lifts????
The shops is very empty! Where are the products? Did Ewa really sent the sketches to Elfe?
What deadline did I told the other sculptor, that I have forget the name of...puhhh
The Ice Theatre? Whats the status there? I have no idea!!:)Hopefully Ewa is takin care of it.
No one has been hired as bed-worker yet. Dont they think it was a serious job-ad?

And they call me a control freak....:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Designer to be hired! Check!

Photocontests is good thing to organize! Its fun AND you meet tons of great avas. Life Charron was one (October 2008)(see the Life Charron post below) and Elfe Lmako was another one, just to mention two.

Elfe Lmako, the french designer and artist has helped Ewa and me with designing the Lovika gloves, a very typical Scandinavian thingie! Elfe tried hard to do some creative twitches to it, but we were flinty: "A lovika glove has to look like a lovika glove Elfe" Hehe

And Elfe will be the one who will help us designing the rest of the line. Welcome and thank you Elfe!

There is a Life outside building site...

Yesterday was a mess! Hotel lifts which were out of order, a shop build by me and returned back by Ewa became non-copy (!!!!) and we need six sets....The day and nite were full of backlashes like that. On top of it I was in bad mood when I logged in. Probably thats why things screwed up.

Anyway, we got an invite from Life Charron for an artshow at Streamlife. Check her sites out here (SL) or RL. Life is a passionate B/W RL photographer and yesterday she had The Grand Opening Party at "Streamlife!"

This trip was a well-needed break and Ewa and I really enjoyed it! Thank you very much Life!

With an oily smell of the 50´s....

Hi everyone!

My evil aunt forced me to the movies to see the horrible girlie-film Grease. I was just a little kid by then.

I have now finally, several years later, get over this childhood trauma. To celebrate this mental victory of mine, Ewa and I are gonna have a Rockabilly themed-party.

January 28th (Sunday).
At the Icehotel ballroom.

We will let you know exact times etc laters

The WhiteRoom Photocontest –The Final!

We have had 100´s of people who have joined the different contest events started in December 2007.

Every contest has had one winner and very soon they all will show us their creativity in the finals.

Information for the Winners:

The theme will be “Cold”, a pretty broad theme with lots of room for a creative mind. The entry shall be based on a SL photo and will be judged by a secret jury for its creativity. You can touch up the SL photo if like to, animate it or just have a plain photo its up to you.

You buy one of the screens for 10L$, and then the screen is "yours" feel free to put a price on it. It will be displayed in a gallery building on my and Ewa Askas new sim, The Ice Hotel.

Start January 1st 2009 and ends with big party the Jan 31st!

The winner wins tons of honour and a cashprize of 10.000 L$.

Stay tuned!

The winner during the year is:
Isolde Flamand
Motorchick Moody*
Honey Hanson
Olivier Perl
Balthazaar Paine
Second Renoir
Ninna Dazy

If someone of these guys dont wanna participate, the no 2 will be stand in that specific contest.

*Motorchick Moody, the proud winner of the first event wont be in the finals, so therefore Ninna Dazy will take her place.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lucia by the Swedish people in SL

A lovely event, I enjoyed every min of it. Thank you all! Enough said!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

God bless our church

Today Father Romano Saenz visited us and blessed the SL Icechurch and us aswell. Hopefully it will be Father Romano Saenz who will wed us. The pope have not made up his mind if a virtual wedding is ok yet, but we count on you Father.

Jesper & Ewa

Be ready, tomorrow´s the celebration of Light!

(click the pic to enlarge it)

Tomorrow its one of the biggest Swedish festivals; Lucia. And ofcourse it will be celebrated in the Swedish Sl community aswell (For how many years have you celebrated Lucia in SL Tina?)

Its PetGirl (Tina) Bergman and alot of other people that have organized this and I know also very well what effort they have put into the project. (A little bird have whispered in my ear after every working period)

Dont miss this, it will be crowded!

The following text is from Petgirls blog!

Lucia start FRIDAY 12th of December in Second life:

22:00 (12th) and 02:00 (13th in the morning) to late - Swedish Time.
and - 02.00 PM (SLT) and 05.00 PM (SLT) to late.

Every year the 13th of December, Santa (Saint) Lucia arrives to Sweden to announce the Christmas season. This year 2008, again, she will be in Second Life.

The Lucia Celebration features traditional Swedish songs, with a woman, representing Saint Lucia, dressed in white robes, with a headdressof candles, a halo of light to repel the darkness. Swedish LUCIA in Second Life – 12th and 13th of December at Swedish Institute – sim´s

Lucia start FRIDAY 12th of December in Second life:

22:00 (12th) and 02:00 (13th in the morning) to late - Swedish Time.
and - 02.00 PM (SLT) and 05.00 PM (SLT) to late.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend this celebration of light and meet a real Swedish Lucia,complete with an entourage of singers, a Christmas tree, Santa (the real one!), Swedish freebie gifts, Swedish live music and disco.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bed-worker -another job opportunity at the Icehotel SL!

Since the animated beds are about to get ready we have an urge to adjust the poseballs and therefore we need to hire one female and one male avatar “bed-worker”.

Why don’t you two guys do it yourself, you may I ask yourself. Pretty easy, we are not married yet! And these two traditional moralistic avatars won´t do it before the green light is on.

(We will marry the January 24th, the priest, the artists, planners and DJ are booked, Ewas gown is ordered, the vows are written, Jesper´s tux is tailored and a new church is built etc)

So now we need one female and one male avatar that can help us adjusting the poseballs:

You shall have an open mind and un-shamed personality and enjoy meeting new people.
You shall be persevering and like a monotonic job. Adjusting one bed takes about 2 hours. And there is plenty of beds that will be adjusted.
You shall also have the capacity to "deliver" and work under extreme arctic cold, very important for the male job-seeker.
You shall also have the capacity to "deliver" when other people are watching.
You shall also be fully xcite-equipped and familiar with how to operate your parts. With respect to the female co-worker so called "newbie bananas" are NOT allowed.

Non SL working life experience required
Admission day: Immediate
Wage: 75L$/hour
Driving licence for snow scooter is a big plus!

Do you feel challenged?

Please send you CV with a photo in a notecard to Jesper Prinz or Ewa Aska

Welcome to the Icehotel team!

Not an odds-on...just your money back!

I lost....thanks for all support, all your emails, all chocolate boxes...but she knows how to bargain...thats for sure!

Tonite I will rebuild animated beds...with a strained smile!


At the Icehotel sim we will have small cabin-like shops where guests and others will have the possibilities to dress up in traditional Scandinavian outdoor clothing. The best way to face the Scandinavian cold is of course dressing up according to the “layer-on-layer”-principal.

We have ran some campaigns to get hold of interested and talented designers within our own channels but also in other communities and yesterday we had a first meeting with some designers.

Who did we meet yesterday? That’s our little secret till it’s done :)

Nervous breakdown

Spending a night in the ice-hotel will be surrealistic experience. The temperature will be about -5 °C to -8 °C and unfortunately there is no SL corporate insurance covering frozen dead avatars. So Ewa have made the rooms very tight to keep as much of the warmth.

The other “source of heat” is my bag; the beds. What could defrost two deep frozen avatars better than some good lovin in an animated bed? Not much if you ask me. Each room will have a special designed bed fitting the concept of the room. So yesterday I started to build the first one, the one for the tiny Snowball-room.

Several of hours later I was done, and pretty pleased with the result. I called for Ewa.

She went up from the giant snowbank (The hotel) she have lived in the the last 2 weeks, peeked at my bed and said; “It’s a lovely design honey but you have made a kingsize bed for the tiniest room in the hotel. You can never squeeze that one into the room”

I was falling into pieces, but pretend to stay cool and replied: “Well love make the hotel bigger then, what’s the problem?”

Today we will meet at the pixel conference table and the agenda is: "Make the hotel bigger or the beds smaller?.

For some reasons I feel the battle already is lost :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

A sneak preview: The Ice church

Ewa Aska started the Icehotel project last summer but she dropped it. Two weeks ago we bought a sim and started to re-build and sophistticatate it.

The Icehotel in SL is a ofcourse a replica of the real Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi (Sweden). The RL Icehotel has been rewarded as "The best experience in Sweden" by several of well known tour operators and we hope you will like it in SL as much as people are doing in RL.

We will open the Icehotel in SL the 24th of January.

More info of the RL Icehotel here:, and I will from now on keep you updated about the progress of the SL version in this site.

The sim is far from ready-built but the church is almost done. Ewa has really done a marvelous job here!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Love is in the air!

Yesterday we were visiting JayR Cela and Cathy Jackson when they renewed their vows on their 3rd anniversary. Longtime friends of Ewa and new ones to me:)

Renewal of vows is to me more touching than a wedding. (Well not my own wedding:) But its such a wonderful tradition of love. And Cathy and JayR did this cermony so good; relaxed, beutiful and natural as their marrige is.

Hugs to you girls and see you soon!

Time for heros 2

Yesterday night Ewa and I were invited by Nyna Slate to see U2 at Dragon Moon. We faced a vast security force effort. Everyone was stripped and searched for attachments(primhair, sexual organs, shoes, AOs etc.

Finally we entered the arena(A great build guys! Wow!)

As in real life the concert was delayed:) Bono Vox couldnt log in they told us:) Good to know there isnt any VIP entrances into SL.

U2 played full gig and it was totally awesome. When the final tune (With or without you) was played Ewa was supposed to enter the stage and dance with Bono, but unfortuntely something went wrong. Next time honey!

Nyna+crew+U2: Thanks for a wonderful gig!!


Could you please get me another beer from the fridge when you have finished the cleaning? The game starts in 5 min. Dont forget to open it love! Love ya!

Time for heros!

Ewa and I have been constantly (almost) building the last 2 weeks and tonite we had much-needed break

And what a break we had!!!

The night started at Lios stage where she had booked Depeche Mode, the SL coverband. Depeche was my heroes when I was younger. I have all their albums, most of their singles, know every lyric. I even know David Gahans birthday! In other words I am fan!

Thank you very much Lio and Jo for arranging this!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Pretty in Pink?

Alea iacta est!

A couple of weeks ago they signed up for a waiting list to get a plot on the Roma role play sim, and yesterday we got approval from by Mars and Venus!

Faster than the lightning these two latin- and old Rome loving avatars cashed the plot and bought a roman styled house. The house is far too many prims to fit that little 1024 plot but what the heck!

This will be fun and for sure to be continued! Now they are heading for the market and trying to get some hard-working servants.

And on top if it all, citizen Jesperus and citizien Ewaus will not longer suffer from D-vitamin deficiency caused by the darkness and cold at their latest project!

Ewaus will maybe take a bath.

Jesperus and Ewaus is eyeing their grounds