Friday, December 18, 2009


Oh it was really fun to play yesterday, there were lots of people. Too much if you ask me, but we can not do much about when we do not arrange.

Fruit Islands Winter sim is a great beauty! And Lizzo, their event manager is a super pro, the best we have met!

And it was really fun! Anna has lyrical and booked up another gig for us in another place:) You are best Anna!

We will probably play at the Icehotel SL on Tuesday but may ask to come back in that case:)


Anonymous said...

OMG.. hihi it was the best. Fruit Islands is magic. :-) lizzo IM. me and reported to me it wa many and we was scared to simchrash again. And so great audienc. sorry my bad english, But It was so fun. And the most fun was that Mialinn Norway put it out in her Group.. So nice se Norway on ABBA.
Tack Mialinn och alla goa från Norge.. sen såg jag en tomte från sverige :-) / the host

Jesper Prinz said...

well anna, swinglish is the shit;)

lizzo är ju en helt enorm proffsig men samtidigt så himla rolig och glad.

jag såg att mialinn skickade ut en blåis, liksom tina även gjorde. Det blir man ju otroligt glad av