Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some photos were not taken this time either ....

Ewa and I have had extremely busy days lately. A wedding that will be held on Saturday, a rehearsal for the bridal couple on Thursday, a banquet hall and church to be decorated, a beauty contest to take care of, an ABBA show to be held on Friday. And on top of it all: We must take care of ourselves!

So on Monday we were 5 minutes from been completely forgotten that we actually had the drama of the Torne River. And something similar has ever happened, we are structure-fascists both:)

To cap it all, I forgot to take pictures .....

Anyway we managed to grab some brave souls who wanted to icedance! Loo and Lounge and Iendi and Selma and some others were there. These two couples were actually really good! And it was a tough battle where Iendi and Selma finally walked victorious from the battle!

Congratulations to you both!

For photos and in-depth reportages I refer to these two blogs, two very good blogs indeed!

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