Monday, December 21, 2009

Should everyone pay to "play" Second Life?

Yep, I think so. It should cost a little money for anyone to "play" Second Life. Thats my opinion.

Before any rabid basic account members hang me, let me explain my position:

1) Griefers. If you only knew how much time I and Ewa have spent on repairing and putting to right what the griefers have done during the 13-14 months that we've had our current sims. And what happens if they get caught? Well, they're back after an hour again with a new account. The current system allows that.

2) Bots. Is still used to boost traffic. Ask our friends Lio and Jo, they had a bot colony on the region where they are that some idiot placed there. No wonder that their rockstage lag as as hell. And they cant do nothing about it.....Well they can move ofcourse.

3) Content Theft. There is hardly any Pay account dealing with it.....

"But I can not afford it!" you may say now.

Bullshit, I say, you have a fairly good computer and a broadband connection that cost money then you can afford a few dollars a month for this.

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