Monday, December 28, 2009

Pause at the worksite

As you may know, we completely renovating ballroom at the moment. And it will of course be ready for the prom next week.

Of course, this does not prevent us for other tasks; floor exercises are always high on the priority list, as well as to meet friends.

Yesterday we were on the "Alternative Christmas" with Anna. We believed in our innocence that it was finally time came to discuss and criticize U.S. involvement in Vietnam, eating lentil soup and engage in free sex. But what we have betrayed us ...

The good Anna and associates had arranged a fun disco -79. And of course it is more fun to dance to Boney M than eating lentil soup ... It would be this with free love maybe .....

Anyway a big thanks to Anna!

We went on to the next stop was Second Norway, where their "queen" Mialinn celebrated her rezzdag. Very nice party and it was a lot of fun, there were lively goings-on. Not least the good ol Ey!

Next stop was our home of the island Alltid where relaxation exercises were on the program!

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