Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jesper Prinz is deeply concerned .....

I am deeply concerned about ABBA Sweden's survival and existence!

There've been this fact that I, together with Ewa, has so to speak, checked the information we released regarding ABBA Sweden.... We've actually had the exclusivity of the official information on this website..... Do you think it resembles the old East Germany? Yep, you are damned right!

Let's play with the idea that ABBA Sweden for example have sex orgies backstage with their fans and in some cases with each other?

Lets pretend that ABBA Sweden has been involved in other kind of scandals; drunkenness, destroyed hotel rooms and thrown the television sets through the hotelwindows?

Do you think I would have told you about it on this timid and censored page? NO I DONT THINK SO! WHAT HAPPENS ON THE ROAD STAYS ON THE ROAD!Thats ABBA Sweden's motto!!

Ok why am I so concerned now?

Yeah i will tell you: our Anna, our special ABBA ANNA, has again started a blog........!!!!! And with Annas blog went Ewas and mine exclusivity of ABBA Swedens official information.....

So Anna, dear sweet Anna: Please, although it is tempting, avoid headings such as: "Abba Sweden had a good booze after the show", "ABBA in Sweden in sex scandal", "Erik Bruun in nude shock" or "Greta Genira arrested for disorderly conduct"

You know what I mean Anna?;)

You who want to follow Anna's fates and doings do so by clicking here!


Anonymous said...

hahaha... if they only know. ;-))
Anonym Anna Hotel Sheratont

Anonymous said...

hihi Who can say who is Jesper and who is Eric on the Pics. First one with right answer win a X-mas turky and a gingerbreed
/merry X-mas from Anna