Monday, October 5, 2009

A smashing job Annabella!

Dear Annabella,

I remember my first day on first job (I picked strawberries! I was very keen on doing a god job and I picked strawberries like no one else before. The Polish strawberry pros in the other lines werent that happy I can tell you… Their looks could kill this young strawberry picker!

Annabella, today was your first day on your new ”job” in the ABBA Sweden team and Ewa and I are more than worried to be honest! You really have to slow down Anna!
- There were 126 avas during the time I scanned, not everyone at the same time ofcourse
- People danced ther pixel butts off like never before. How is your feet today?:)
- You caused the first sim crash in Fruit Islands history according to Dennis Lagan (owner) and Fruit Islands are a HUGE cluster of sims


Ewa & Jesper

To all you came to the Mango Yacht Club; Thanks! And see you all on Thursday. Then we are doing a concert at the ballroom of the Icehotel SL. And we really hope the sim will bear!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great words, im touched, hihi yes it was a sim v´crash, but it was not me.. it was ABBA on tour and also lizzi and frutlansevent crew.. but blame me ;-) all els does.. ty it was a vry fun job.. kisses to you all in abba.

Tina Dahl said...

This sounds scary in my ears...

I am known for producing Swedish events that crash sims...:))

And now AB are and she will be one of the crew at the upcomming Halloween event the 31th...

/Tina - in the same crew!

Jesper Prinz said...

See you on Thursday Annabella! And again thank you for a marvelous job!