Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gilbert Nite!

It has been a hell of weekend to be honest, but a very good final. We had our first Gilbert nite in the new Icehotel. We will have them on Sundays between 01:00-03:00 PM SLT. And they will be held in the Stockholm bar.
The lovely couple Polle & Rultan popped by and the bloddy dj had lost their wedding song...What a shame!:) But the GnR ballads echoed through the ice night so I think they went home pretty satisfied! Dont try the bed that I gave you Polle...rultan is quality-conscious:)

Ob and Tina popped by and gave us some lovely salsa songs that we danced to when everyone left, but also an idea for a party...we´ll come back to that later on:)


rultan said...

Thanks Ewa and Jesper for a lovely night!
Yes we were satisfied with the GNR songs, the best songs GNR have made in my opinion. But the nr 1 GNR-song is...the lost one Jesper :)) Hope you'll find it! :))
Take care both of you. BIG HUGS!

rultan said... the way. I will make Polle try the bed, I am too curious to not try it :))

Jesper Prinz said...

I have found it now:)