Monday, October 5, 2009

The new Icehotel SL

*****Welcome to the new Icehotel SL!**********

In November 2008 we tried tried hard to create inspiring and unique experiences with the RL Icehotel as base combined with the limitless possibilities of Second Life. The first Icehotel SL was built.

As the RL one, our hotel melts down and a new one has to be built. And in anyday now its open for public!

Staying at Icehotel in SL is a must for the true SL explorer, an experience totally unlike other SL hotel stays. Dress in warm thermal underwear, put on a hat and slip into the cozy sleeping bag. Share the whole surrealistic icenight with a special avatar. And let it be a night you will never forget:)

You can hire rooms from 700L$ / Week

You can also chose one of our warm accommodation on the Lapplandia sim or on the new Sarek sim.

Icehotel in SL is a top experience in Second Life!

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