Sunday, February 28, 2010

The world's best Anna!

Every time we finished a show says Ewa and I in unison: Anna is absolutely fantastic. She makes the those extra stuff that never appears: tell the the sim owner that the landing point is wrong for the guests. She was watching the dancing balls working and she takes care of our audience in a unique way and much more.

Then it's like this Anna:

We have some very incriminating pictures of you, from a party, which is safe in a blackmail envelope. And just wait for the public eye if you for example would get an offer from another rock band.

To all other virtual bands: Hands off! Anna is with the BAND!


Ewa & Jesper


Anna Lite Hur Som Helst said...

Hahaha, I blush.. thanks for those sweet words. hugs. I have such a fun time, you cant beleave it :-).. hmmm. pictures,, I hope not from ..... ohhh noooooo?

Jesper Prinz said...

Just in case Anna! haha