Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Avatars United?

No one at the Grid may have missed that LL bought the Swedish community Avatars United? Right? I assume that you also get about 20 friend requests from Avatars United. Mostly from totally unknown people. Damn annoying if you ask me!

I joined Avatars United way back. I personally thought it was a good initiative. In particular, attracted the opportunities to participate in more groups.

Today it's different. It is easy to obtain information even though the number of groups (25 per ava) is unchanged.

A curious question for you using Avatars United: How do you time for it? How about doing something more fruitful instead?

A curious question to Linden Lab: Why in the world are you investing your/our money in a dead company when the platform is worse than worst? And in addition, the platform has been under criticism for several months now? Have you heard about concept of taking care core business first?

There is just one reason that I still have my account: Just to protect my identity of my ava. For one thing is very clear: If your name is Kenny Starfighter in SL so you can bet your ass that "your" name is taken by someone else on the i.e. Avatars United.


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Vampi said...

not going to reg myself there no need im in sl all the time and if someone need to get a hold of me they know where i am... dont need another community i leave most nowadays anyway :)