Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wait there is more

Right after the show at Kit Kat Klub the Grand Opening of The City Hall of Stockholm continues upstairs!

Shasta Soulstar will entertain us (3 PM, 24.00 CET) and here is her bio:

SHASTA's Sl and stage name is Shasta Soulstar. She sings 40's swing, Jazz, 50's and 60's, 70's disco and also pop music from the 40's to today.

SHASTA has been a professional singer in RL for more than 30 years and has performed at clubs, private parties and has opened shows for many stars and also has had the privilege of singing at the Sands in Atlantic City, NJ in their main Ballrooms and Casinos and also has worked in NYC studio recording commercials. SHASTA has earned many awards honoring her performances for politicians, charities and organizations. SHASTA has also directed many shows herself and has worked for local writers and is featured on a xmas cd that is being sold in local music stores . SHASTA is also a voice and music theory teacher in RL.


Anna Lite Hur Som Helst said...

Tack Thanks for a LOVELY SHOW and evening. What a great job with both buildings and a excellent Show.. stående applåder från Anna i cafeet ni vet :-)

Jesper Prinz said...

Tack Anna och en stor kram! Vi ses!