Monday, February 22, 2010

A postcard from Sarek Nordic Lights by YuNEO Nagy

Today there was a postcard in Ewas and my mailbox. The sender was none other than the excellent Second Life Photographer and virtual explorer YuNEO Nagy!

It is a great honor for us that one of SL's top photographers, YuNEO Nagy, has been doing a photosession on our Sarek Nordic Lights-sim. We consider it a good rating! Sarek is Ewas "baby". She is fiddling with the sim constantly:) Puss älskling!

You know that you can actually stay at the Sarek Nordic Light sim? We have three wilderness cabins for 1500 L$ a week. And I can assure you that it is a relief for the soul to stay here.

TP to Sarek from here:
More on yuneo Nagy can be found here:

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