Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When I was group-spammed by the editor in chief

In December 2007 I was on a first (?) visit to the old Second Sweden sims. I was checking the environment out for an arrangement that I would arrange in Jan -08.

When I flew over a house, I became "group spammed" by a guy with a funny haircut, named Satorin Vacano. The group he spammed me with was called Slainthe. And it was kind of Swedish newspaper.

I talked to this Satorin and it all ended with an article in his newspaper. This was a good magazine that was released a bit irregular. I really like the idea of an editor. For various reasons, the magazine and Satorin took break, but now he and his team are back.

And that's fun, for newspapers is certainly needed in our world. The magazine is in Swedish and you can always download the latest publication from the link-list to the right.

Good luck!

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