Thursday, February 18, 2010

We have the world's best audience!

Yesterday it was time for Sweden's ABBA to make debut in The Blue Hall. The hall was crammed up tll the afterparty ended at 5 pm! You are incredible! And you are giving us such joy!

It is wonderful to see so many avis from all over the world at the same time!

After the gig a Swedish girl contacted me regarding a gig on Saturday. She told me she was working for club that was about to re-open. Ewa and I said: Go for it! And she said she would check it out wiht the owners.

This morning I was more than surprised when i got a notecard from this lady. The club that is about to re-open is the classic SL club Alohas!! That club was my livning room during 2007! I was there every week dancing to house tunes from the lovely dj couple Jet and Bart.

Hopefully see you on Saturday at Alohas!

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