Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ladies and gents, boys and gurls, welcome to our show!

Saturday 13 February, we will open the doors to our new ballroom. It is a copy of the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall. Here will our large events take place. The Blue Hall will completely replace the previous spherical ballroom. Here will i.e our ABBA shows take. We will also have jazz and evergreens events in the Blue Hall and other artists that we want to share with you. AND all coming themed parties of course!

In the basement of the Blue Hall we have built a wonderful SUGGESTIVE 1920´s theater (The Kit Kat Klub) where we will have burlesque shows from that timeperiod!

People will talk about those shows, believe me .... hehe. So make sure you wont miss the premiere!

On Icetheatre SL, we will continue to have smaller events. Clubnights will take place at the Ichehotel SL, as they do today.

Anyway we have to open this properly! The opening party will take place on Saturday 13 February.

02:00 starts the show at the Kit Kat Klub. The show is directed by Ewa and Jesper. Indeed heavily influenced by one of the really big and well-known musicals/shows. This will be unbelievably good! We have rehearsed for hours!

03:00, one of SL's best jazz singers will entertain us and our friends at the Blue Hall.

Be here in time, we will strongly limit the number of avis (40 max) We will not allow lag destroying this wonderful evening for you!

Ladies and gents, boys and gurls, welcome to our show!

Jesper and Ewa

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