Sunday, February 21, 2010

The night of the contrasts!

Yesterday ABBA Sweden made a comeback on the Pillars of Hercules! And it was like a riot! In a positive sense! The audience crashed, the audience stagedived (!), Greta lost her attachements and crashed, the streamed dropped, a couple in love was on the scene and photographed themselves with the band (!!!!!). We loved every minute of it! The head rioter was of course Annabella on the dance floor!

Tired but happy Ewa and Jesper went to The Blue Hall, where it was time for the premiere of the Tea Dance with Shasta Soulstar. And if there were riots on ABBA Sweden it was the exact opposite when at the Tea Dance. And it was probably just what two tired avis needed. Of course, one should not put two different events for each other, but who's perfect? We are not!:)

The cool thing about SL is all the meetings. And an ava who we met in the Tea Dance was Andrea Bocelli.

The ava of course, not the blind opera singer rl:) Andrea Bocelli told us that he and the ava Sarah Brightman doing a Andrea Bocelli tribute show. They showed us a part of it and we fell instantly!

On 10 March it is time for the Andrea Bocelli tribute show at Icetheatre SL!

See you at the Icehotel SL!

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