Saturday, February 20, 2010

What will happen this weekend?

It is not easy to plan in SL.... and I am a structural fascist ... puhhhh. Pls feel a bit sorry for me!

Yesterday, it we got two additional ABBA Sweden shows:

Saturday at 02:00 (23:00 CET) pm at Aloha. This true classic SL club! And that also is managed by a Swedish girl! I love when people dare and actually do something in SL!

On Sunday at 21.00 returning ABBA Sweden to Pillars of Hercules. It is part of the people behind Second Pride with the club. Thank you for wanting us back!

On Sunday at 2 PM (23.00 CET), it is time for relaxation exercises in the blue hallway. Then it's time for TEA-DANCE by Shasta Soulstar. Put on the tailsuit and the prom dress and pop by!!

See you!

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