Thursday, March 19, 2009

Take a chance and roleplay tomorrow

Some useful info about tomorrows event at the icehotel

Some background:
Great vikings that were killed in battle were choosen by the Valkyries to go Valhall and meet the asa gods. All of you are choosen ones:)

We have ofcourse Valkyries that will greet you when you arrive at Valhall and right after you step forward and and greet the gods (Odin, Thor & Loke) at the throne and espcially the first god Odin. You will recieve bow gestures tomorrow. Make a little sacrifice to them, would be much apprieciated!

Simple as that!

Right after this the blot/party begins. If you wanna roleplay during the party, please feel free! If you dont wanna do it, its ok too ofcourse.

Lets have great fun tomorrow!

Ewa & Jesper

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