Sunday, March 1, 2009

A nerve-racking start with a happy end!

Hey you guys in SF, you better shape up now and start deliver somewhat stability to the grid. Where is the new viewer for instance.

Yesterdays preperations were perfect. We all took a RL break and the whole team was suppose to meet up 30 min before kickpoff.

Ewa, Janne (the fire-raiser) and I came...the samurais and the geishas couldnt log in. Well at this point I was pretty calm. Ewa asked me to put the stream on (we stream our own music at island) and it didnt work!!! I tried and tried, called the support. But nothing worked. And still no Geishas and Samurais. This was about 10 min before kick off.

The members of the icehotel was also on our back telling us that TP didnt work. 5 min min before kick off I was about to tell Ewa that we cancel the whole event but in exakt that moment the stream started and Blanche and Safir (the geishas came on), The samurai came and ppl start to spill in. Puhhhh what a start!!!

But after this everything worked preety smooth, except for Ewa and some more that couldnt hear the music.

But guys who struggled coming there; You are really great!!

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