Friday, March 27, 2009

Cleaning your pocket....

Some weeks ago Blanche called me and asked if I knew where she could find an Elephant ava (!!!!!) for The Lightshow they were preparing at Second Sweden. I promised her to check it out but totally forgot about it. How could I? I get tons of questions every day but elephant ones are rare.

Anyway this Wednesday I was bored in SL for the first time in months. Ewa had some rl thingies, everything prepared for the Elvera Lerner show...So I decided to clean my inventory. And that is so boring! And I grabbed every opportunity to do something else.

I started to IM Lio, Niya and other friends….and got a “Hi” back after approx 45 min…which means they very busy probably doing dirty stuff hehe.

Then the Elephant ava popped up! Yes! Finally I could stop doing my depressing cleaning of my overstocked inventory!

Unfortunately I found an elephant ava in a min, so I called Blanche and she popped by the store. We had a short chat about their coming Light Show and she told me they had some land issues at Second Sweden and that they were totally fed up at everything.

Of course I offered them to run the show at the Icehotel sim but honestly I didn’t thought they would have the courage and strength to move the show to our sim.

But I was wrong and I am very glad for that! Upright avis are rare as Elephant ava requests:) And yesterday our guests started to move the show (and Ewa and I took down 1300 prims, just a couple of Sue Stonebenders 400 prims chandeliers in the ballroom haha)

Welcome to the Icehotel SL Junivers Stockholm, PetGirl Bergman, Blanche Argus, Janne Janus and Medora Chevalier this will be great!

More info about The LightShow will follow soon



Lionesse said...

Jesper!!!! I never do dirty stuff, grrrr...

blanche Argus said...

Tack Jesper o Ewa för att ni räddade oss, vi var närapå att drunkna...

Ps Det finns pärlor på Second Life !

En massa kramar till ER båda!


Jesper Prinz said...

Yes you do Lio!

Yvw Blanche! Thank god for elephant avis huh? hehe