Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The English cottage at Icehotel SL

Many thinks the Icehotel SL is just another party venue, and we cant blame anyone for that but ourselves since we have atleast one event going on every week. But friends, there is much more! And many of you knows that already!

First check the Icehotel-site up which gives you an overview of what you can do at the Icehotel SL sim. You find the it here!

We have three different rental cottages and I will start introducing the English one today.


The house is decorated by Ewa (deco is not my bag) and ofcourse its in Laura Ashley style. I prefer sitting at the winebar sipping while she is decorating if you are interested. And after some glasses even my creativity is ok!

Ofcourse there is a bathroom incl a broadloom. Dust-allergists beware!

And of course a bedroom, with Sexgen Platinum bed from Strokers. This little piece have I contributed with, in a soberly condtion. If you wonder why the bedfoot looks a bit different from them you find at Strokers I am afraid I cant tell you...My wife would strangle me slowly if I told you that little story..hehe

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