Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coming up next: Jean Munro

Jean Munro is one my oldest friends in SL, I met her two years ago, celebrating a common friends birthday. I think it was just 5-6 avas at this calm celebration. She sat the down at the piano and start singing, it was the first time I heard someone singing live in SL (and using the voice aswell). It was a really strong moment.

So both Ewa and I are very happy having Jean at the IceTheatre SL!

March 16, 3 PM SLT

This is from her MySpace site:
"I am a real life musician, playing jazz and some smooth tunes in Second life under the alias of Jean Munro. I have my degree in music and business and have used these skills throughout my life, from voice and piano teacher, choir master, arranger, composer, and band member. Come check me out. On Second life, I own Poseidon's Port, a great place to play and dance under the stars".

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