Monday, March 2, 2009

In the flow

Yesterday was just perfect! After the weekends SL problems we really found the flow again! We brainstormed an idea for a coming conceptual event which will be a killer! Don’t book anything during March 20-21!

We also booked plenty of artists to the Icetheatre. They cover lots of genres, from soft jazz to ballet. First out is Jean Munro playing the 16th this month. Check our profiles up in world or follow this blog for latest info.

On Thursday this week we will have an American documentary film team at the island, doing a film about the Icehotel SL. Well, both Ewa and I are little bit shaky but happy for they found us…and very proud of ourselves.

Yesterday night we spent at Tour Spoonhammers 3 year rezzparty and at Waxholm where Bailarin and Edemon had springconcert! Two awesome events! Thank you guys!

There was 2 happy smiling avas that late fall asleep in eachothers arms I can tell you!

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