Monday, March 16, 2009

Among the pros!

A busy but very funny Sunday! We started the day with brainstorming of the up-coming Ragnarök event. We are from finished but Ewa have built the Valhall though.

Ragnarök is the final destiny of the gods so the theme is pretty set. Hehe.

We went to Beacon Hotel where Cha & Charlotte had S:t Patricks Party. Excellent decorated, the absinthe was hmm not so yummie but effective and the music was great! Thank a lot you two, you are great!

Later we were invited to see the U2 concert from Tokyo at Dragon Moon. As always the avas were totally stripped search for attachments, asked not to spam the band etc just to let as many as possible to see this lovely event! And the avas behaved and as many as 85 avas could enjoy the show at the same time without any heavy lag!!

Thank you Nyna, Dark and the rest of the crew incl U2 for your efforts in SL!


Don’t forget the Gilbert Night at 2 PM and Jean Munro at 3 PM today at the Icetheatre SL!

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