Monday, March 30, 2009

The big bang is here again!

During some days now we have had a constantly green map spot shining 600 meters above the Icehotel SL-sim; Its the hard-working jack of all sl trades, PetGirl (Tina) Bergman who have built up the Lightshow teams latest project.

No wrong...there have actually been 3 contstantly green map spots: Janne who have practiced his fireworks and Blanche who is the organizer!

And now its close for take off!

The biggest SL show this spring is here: The Light Show!!

Take me to The Light Show from here!

Be here on time, the sim will be full! I hope the sim won´t crash this time as it did couple of months ago!

Saturday April 4
at Icehotel SL

11 AM SLT - Noon SLT: Livemusic, Fireworx and Danceshow: Junivers Stockholm, Janne Jannus, Blanche Argus & Charlotte Rhino

Noon SLT - 3 PM SLT: Trance & House Mania: Jesper Prinz

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