Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Summer Blot at Icehotel SL

****Welcome to Summer Blot at Icehotel SL*****

Friday night is the vernal equinox and its not just an ordinary dull vernal equinox...No it time for Summer Blot!

The Summer blot was undertaken in April at the vernal equinox and it was given to Odin. Then, they drank for victory in war and this blot was the starting date for Viking expeditions and wars.

The sacrifice usually consisted of animals, in particular pigs and horses. The meat was boiled in large cooking pits with heated stones, either indoors or outdoors. The blood was considered to contain special powers and it was sprinkled on the statues of the gods, on the walls and on the participants themselves.

If you are interested in the ancient nordic mythology we have prepared several of interesting notes at Valhalla.

Dresscode: Viking, Free Woman, Thrall (slave), but beware slaves might be sacrified, Valkyra or come as you are

DJ: Odin, whoelse?, he is very much in charge of everything this night, so keep him pleased!

Time: 3 PM SLT Friday March 20th

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