Thursday, March 19, 2009

Elvera Lerner -next at the Icetheatre SL

Elvera is coming up next at the Icetheatre SL and yesterday Ewa and I were visting her new showcase!

Kaya and Elvera are back with a brand new showcase and they have created new sets, new costumes, new lighting and new props all combined with the live singing of Elvera Lerner.

They have created something in SL that is totally unique and we are very happy to have Elvera at the Icetheatre soon

As Bringiton Paine from SL’s Music Hall of Fame said, “the show is spactacular, i really loved it, its perfect for people like me who cant get to a theatre irl , gives us an opportunity to experience it.”

Dont miss this, more info about date and time will follow! Stay tuned!

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