Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lost in SL!

Well we were not really this lost as the poor moose bull on the pick but close....Oh my, the gods from San Fransico dont treat us good right now. I am talking ofcourse about the viewer that is everything but stable...hehe

Earlier today when I was going to Roslagen (a lovely place here is the Slurl to fix an advert sign (Thankies Bail) the chaos started....big time....

When I was going to TP Ewa there, she ended up in a BDSM mall(!), hope you bought something intersting babe! And right after when she was trying to TP me to SHoS, I ended up in our bedroom... haha and the troubles continued all day:) Half of Ewas wedding ring is gone...and so on

Anyhow, we had a great time at our own club with friends! See you all same time next Sunday!

Pls LL when you release the new viewer next year pls test it. This is must be very embarrassing for you and very frustrated for us spending hours in SL.

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