Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The return of the Lionstage

I got this message from Lionesse Vandyke on her site today:

Vacation is over!!! Stage opens with a blast!!!
YESS, Lionheart stage is ready!!! One show, two tributes!!! PRINCE and LENNY KRAVITZ!!
Date: Saturday, July 11th
Hour: 1 pm SLT (22:00 CET)
Don't miss this kick off!!!

So if you are not already a member in her group you better join now cos I know there is a lot going on there.


Lionesse Vandyke said...

Thx Jesper, and true, I got stuff in the pipeline for the stage;-)

Jesper Prinz said...

well a little bird whispered in my pixel ears that a Girl band is about to be formed. A very very close person to me, mostly darkhaired on drums and the lady that started three weeks hehe they are up and running