Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Safety tips for the backyard king: How to barbecue safely

Tomorrow its time for all backyard ava-kings to take charge of their domain; The BBQ. Gases will flow, burners will ignite and steaks simmer. Savory aromas will drift down the street beckoning neighbors from around the grid.

But since we really care about you (and our sim) we have decided to provide you with some proper BBQ safety guidelines/rules so tomorrows BBQ wont turn into a disaster:

1) Perform routine inspections of tubes and hoses. Check for cracks, holes and signs of wear. Immediately replace any/all defective tubes and hoses.

2) Never use the grill on a balcony, carport, garage, or inside the party tents.

3) We wont allow matches, lighted cigarettes, joints or waterpipes near the gas grills. This poses a serious explosion threat, even if you are Dutch. We will temporarily ban every ava immediately if we find any backyard king ava smoking a joint near the gasgrills!

5) Never store containers filled with flammable liquids such as gasoline or booze near the grills.

6) If the chicken or pork are frozen, make sure its properly defrosted. A badly defrosted chicken can be ready on the outside but raw on the inside and will be full of pathogen bacteriums. We have lots of toilets behind the party tents but....have you ever queued while having diarrhea?

Please read these guidelines carefully. Violations against these rules will turn into a temporarily banning from Icehotel SL.

Best regards

Ewa & Jesper

See you tomorrow at the BBQ at Icehotel SL.

12:00 PM Ernst Edman Live
01:00 PM til late Jesper Prinz and Frosty Muggings will live DJ


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